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Re: Problems with last BP patches for Makerules

>>>>> Greg McGary writes:

Greg> Andreas Jaeger <> writes:
>> your latest patch breaks compilation of a static only glibc:

Greg> Sorry about that.  My checkin exposed what looks like a bug in
Greg> Makerules: all of the elide-routines.o* macros are defined inside
Greg> `ifeq (yes,$(build-shared))', so that a static-only build never gets a
Greg> definition for elide-routines.oS (or any of the others).

Greg> Question: do the contents of the static library differ
Greg> when we're also building a shared library?  If the static library
Greg> contents are invariant, then the patch below is proper.  If the static
Greg> library content depends on whether or not there's a shared library
Greg> configured, then the patch is wrong and needs some more work.  In any
Greg> case, the content of the profiled, debug, and bounded libraries ought
Greg> not be influenced by the presence of the shared library.

Greg> This patch moves all of the elide-routines.o* definitions
Greg> outside the conditional:

Thanks for the fast answer.  I've tested the patch and it works for

 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs

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