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Re: glibc 2.0.95

07/30/98 @ 08:02:31 AM (Thursday)

[Thomas Quinot]
>  It looks like seteuid is still broken. It may change the saved uid,
>  which is not consistent with the 4.4BSD semantics.  This breaks at
>  least Sendmail 8.9.*.

  That is an old problem.  If you look in sendmail's "test/Results",
you can see seteuid() problems going back to linux-1.2.13 (11/2/95).
I actually tripped over that fairly recently since it mostly effects
local->local email and submitted this patch to the sendmail folks:

  The "POSIX" comment has to do with the way sendmail guesses default
capabilities and why it favors seteuid() over setreuid() by default.

  Should be fixed > sendmail-8.9.1.  (:

  As a side note, has anyone else tried to recompile egcs-1.0.3a under
glibc-2.0.95?  In bootstrapping my homebrew distribution I got hung up
in there with errors in egcs's libio.h header.  If I don't hear from
anyone I'm going to try a egcs snapshot and then spot-compile a few
more programs to see if it is egcs or a more general problem.  I just
rebuilt from scratch the day before against linux-2.1.112, so moving
from -2.0.94 to -2.0.95 should have been the only new variable.
I get a lot of these:

		invalid exception specifications
		invalid exception specifications

  Where the line #s in libio.h & libioP.h are:
	libio.h:	270 271 272 273
	libioP.h:	94 100 107 119 126 133 143 156 164 170
			176 194 201 209 219 226 233 238 453
  Those happen a fair way into the compile (libraries/libiberty).

								--- john
--- sendmail-8.9.1/src/conf.h.~2~	Wed Jul 29 02:21:41 1998
+++ sendmail-8.9.1/src/conf.h	Wed Jul 29 02:21:42 1998
@@ -1232,6 +1232,7 @@
 #ifdef __linux__
 # define BSD		1	/* include BSD defines */
+# define USESETEUID	0	/* Have it due to POSIX, but doesn't work */
 # define NEEDGETOPT	1	/* need a replacement for getopt(3) */
 # define HASUNAME	1	/* use System V uname(2) system call */
 # define HASUNSETENV	1	/* has unsetenv(3) call */

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