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gnu.expr.ModuleMethod no more? (+ Emacs SLIME)

The source and binary packages for kawa-2.4 (from both
include the class gnu.expr.ModuleMethod but the Gitlab repository
doesn't seem to have it.  Is that indicative of a change in future
Kawa releases?  If so, what is the recommended replacement?

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious here.  I did a quick grep and
skimming on the Changelogs and couldn't figure much out except that did exist in the repository a while back.  I suspect
this may be somehow related to recent changes related to the merged
invoke branch, but have only vague ideas.

Background: I go to the above question as I was trying to get Emacs
SLIME working with Kawa using swank-kawa.scm in SLIME's contrib
directory and discovered that it uses gnu.expr.ModuleMethod which my
current Kawa installation (tracking the Kawa Gitlab repo) doesn't have.
However, I did find them in the Kawa 2.4 releases.  (As an aside, if
anyone is using SLIME with Kawa and/or has pointers in that regard, I'd
be grateful to receive them.)



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