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Re: Android problems

On 05/18/2017 02:31 AM, Peter wrote:

1) Kawa seems to be compiled against 1.8, which uses
java.lang.invoke.MethodHandle a lot, which Android does not seem to

Apparently Android O will support MethodHandles.

Is there a simple way to compile a kawa.jar against 1.6, so I
can use it for Android?

You need to build Kawa from source, using the configure flag

These instructions should help; however, they are a bit out-of-date:

(Advice for updating the instructions would be very welcome.)

2) In the following code, I get a kawa segfault. It seems to be related
to the anonymous inner class, if I factor that out, things work fine.
Is this somehow my fault, or is this a bug in the compiler?

Could be both :-)

As a general rule, any segfault or NullPointerException in the compiler is a compiler bug.
(I don't count exceptions in for example user-written macro transformers - however,
the compiler should catch those and print a helpful error message.)

Sometimes a compiler bug is triggered by a bug in the application.

I was able to reproduce the NullPointerException, so I'll take a look later.
	--Per Bothner

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