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Kawa IDE Integration

Heyo Kawa community,

I'm Harry, yet another CS student from Greece. Kawa IDE Integration is
the task and GSoC '17 is my mask ;) Have been quite a while in this
mailing list, but excuse me weaknesses, was too shy to properly
introduce myself (think that's not ''properly'' either).

So let's cut to the chase.
Eclipse ladies and gentlemen, that's the IDE of choice.
The main development plan for my noble task is to take SchemScript
(mr. SchemeWay's creation) and refresh it quite a bit.
That's gonna be my base. The crucial step is gonna be the
impelmentation of a well-functioning debugger on top of it.
Well that's pretty much it. We're still searching for solutions and
experimenting. Eclipse is definitely gonna be the IDE of choice.

What I really need is your feedback.
How does the idea sound?
Would you use it?
Do you have something else in mind?
Can you provide me with resources to ensure the quality of my work?

All feedback is welcome :D

Thanks for your time,
Harry Pantazis

P.S0: Iam not a Bot

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