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Re: Building documentation, chunkfast.xsl URL in doc/style/kawa.xsl

On 04/30/2017 01:25 PM, Sudarshan S Chawathe wrote:
So based on the above, the correct path to give to configure's
--with-docbook-stylesheets option on Debian would be


I noted that in the instructions.

To test it all, I just did a fresh build starting from git pull and
everything worked great, except for building kawa.pdf.

The 'make' also built kawa-manual.epub by default, which I'm guessing is
a side effect of using the --with-docbook-stylesheets option, as I don't
recall that happening on my earlier builds.  I was also able to build
the "fancy" and "plain" HTML docs properly.


I tweaked the instructions for building the documentation
to hopefully make tings clearer.

The only minor problem seems to be building kawa.pdf, which is likely
something outdated on my system. I did use a newish version of texinfo
(6.3) since I know that's needed by Kawa.  Not sure if it's worth
chasing, but I'm including the error from 'make kawa.pdf' (in the doc
subdirectory) below for reference.

I made a minor fix to kawa.texi that avoids the problem.

Thanks for your testing!
	--Per Bothner

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