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, We Have One Reserved For You!

...<init>()V ?

A .init for slib

.kawarc.scm and Windows

2D and 3D Java function mappings

[Fwd: kawa question / java interface (bug?)]

[Kawa ADMIN] Changes in the way the kawa mailing list is handled

`object' and interfaces

About the year 2000

ADV: "FREE DOWNLOAD" Register Your Web Site OnOver 800+ Search Engines" INSTANTLY"

another macro problem

Be the competition

BRL 2.0.2 - ready for medium-scale use

bug in 'future'?

bug in arithmetic

Bug in coercion?

bugs in kawa-1.6.58


A Calista Flockheart strip tease (aka Ally McBeal) (380)

can't compile complex

Cash Flow in 2 Weeks

casting implementation classes to interfaces?

Catch the Flow

CharArrayOutPort broken?

classes moved and uniform vectors added



Compilation bug again?

conditional jumps in gnu.bytecode

difficult to reproduce

Don't Delete This

Enhancement of the type computations in gnu.expr

Errors compiling ClassFileInput.java

Escaping characters in the bytecode strings

Even better (was: Re: tracing cosmetics)

Exceptions in apply

Exceptions in compiled code

Five Facets of a Myth

fluid-let internal error

Font problem revisited

for-each in do

fully-working format for kawa now in cvs

fussy on definition order

future broken?

FYI: kawa package change for emacs lisp

gnu.bytecode.CodeAttr.emitPush{Double,Float} patch

Going on vacation

Hand over Java Objects to Kawa?

Hidden Showercam ;-) (380)

HOT FOR 1999 !!!

How can one capture byte-code?


improved javadoc-generated Kawa documentation


Java array argument specification?

kawa 1.6.60 available

Kawa 1.6.62 now available

Kawa masquerading as Java.

Re: Kawa masquerading as Java. (long)

Kawa on Windows 98 and NT4.0

Re: kawa question/java interface

Kawa Scheme on MacOS

kawa server question

Kawa servlets and Environment nesting

Kawa tail-call-elimination patches checked in

Kawa too smart?

Kawa update: continuations; compilation

Kawa update: continuations; compilation

Kawa vs. Swing

Kawa/Scheme servlets

keeping file/line/column info in dynamically rewritten expressions

leaving Cygnus - new kawa ftp site


macro problem

Math speed up in 1.6.59

More on `object' etc.

Need more business?

new gnu.emacs package in Kawa cvs

New kawa snapshot available

new kawa snapshot available


object clashes with define

Off topic: license help needed

Online Registry for Executives and Professionals #7B27

Patch for gnu.expr.Compilation

planned Kawa license simplification

plastic bag

plastic knit bags

Fwd: prefix-dylan specification

Presenting Kawa in Denmark

primitive-*/case bug?

primitive-get-field and array types

problem with the NT console

Problem: Calling Kawa by Java

Problems running xiso (XML parser in Scheme) in Kawa

Public modifier methods

Publishing Company for Sale!


question about defmacro


recent check-ins

Refinance and SAVE!

Released 8/4/99! Millions CD Vol. 5A

Rent Strike 2000: Update.

return types of Java methods

run-time type information?

Scheme, Java, Lisp, CLOS

Scheme->Java interface

slides from kawa talk

Small error in doc

some little questions...

Re: Sorry! re: Kawa/Scheme servlets

sourcware downtime Friday

Static field access is broken...

Teen XXX Wharehouse (360837)

to-do list for kawa emacs package


too many args?

tracing (apologizes)

tracing cosmetics

trying to migrate to 1.6.60

type specifiers for local variables

types of formals in a lambda

Unimplemented compileConstant

UNLIMITED Long Distance Calling for only $25/month

update Kawa homepage, new location

Uses of gnu.expr and gnu.bytecode

verification puzzle

working Kawa servlet code available

working Kawa/Servlet/JDBC code - BRL 2.0.1

Re: Wright's Match package and verify errors

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