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Kawa update: continuations; compilation

Per Bothner:

> Secondly, as many of you may know, my "day job" is implementing Java using
> the Gcc cmpiler technology. See http://sourceware.cygnus/com/java/. Last
> week, I took the zip file of kawa (, containing
> classes compiled from both Java and Scheme, compiled it with gcj (Gnu
> Compiler for Java), and linked it with (not-yet-released) run-time libjava.

So if I understand this correctly the kawa interpreter itself is running
native code, but the scheme code is translated into java bytecode and executed
in the java run-time vm?

I thought you didn't have dynamic loading working yet in the Gcj run-time?

What would be really interesting would be getting the generated java bytecode
pushed through gcj as well, so that the scheme code itself was executed as
native code.