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Re: `object' and interfaces

I forgot to mention that the previous example using `defmacro'
reported a slightly different error than my real code. This is what I
get from the real code (I can send it to you if you want):

        at gnu.bytecode.CodeAttr.emitGetField(Compiled Code)
        at gnu.expr.LambdaExp.loadHeapFrame(Compiled Code)
        at gnu.expr.Declaration.loadOwningObject(Compiled Code)
        at gnu.expr.Declaration.load(Compiled Code)
        at gnu.expr.ReferenceExp.compile(Compiled Code)
        at gnu.expr.ApplyExp.compile(Compiled Code)
        at gnu.expr.ApplyExp.compile(Compiled Code)
        at gnu.expr.Expression.compileWithPosition(Compiled Code)
        at gnu.expr.BeginExp.compile(Compiled Code)
        at kawa.standard.convert.compile(Compiled Code)