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Re: type specifiers for local variables

At 13:16 15.03.99 -0700, you wrote:
>>OTOH, what about aligning this feature with Common Lisp syntax:
>>     (let ((x 10) (y 20) ...) 
>>          (declare (type integer x y) ...)
>>          ...)
>Please do not do this.  Putting the declaration with the variable
>makes it easier (to me at least) to manipulate the code.

I agree that declarations should be associated with the variable. However,
the suggested syntax does not allow a declaration without introducing a
new binding. In some cases it is important to be able to add declarations
around a form, to say that within this form a variable is known to refer to
a more specific type than previously declared. Perhaps we can introduce
a declare syntax specifically for this:

(let (((a <number>) (read-a-number)) ... )
   (if (instanceof? a <integer>)
      (declare ((a <integer>) ... )

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