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Fwd: prefix-dylan specification

Robert sent me some very useful information on Dylan, which I copy here.

In looking at the docs, I realize the parenthesis got me confused ;-)

So Dylan does what Per suggested at the beginning:

    (let/bind (var1 
               (var2 init2) 
               ((var3 type3) init3))

It still seems very odd to me that it goes '((var type))' rather than
'((type var))', but Dylan's designers probably had a very good reason for
doing it that way so I won't argue.

Even though it is not very actively used right now, I do think that
following the prefix-dylan specification for these extensions (including
the class stuff) makes a lot of sense.  Just getting to reuse the
documentation and perhaps luring in some current or past Dylan/prefix-Dylan
users/developers makes it worthwhile.


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>Date: 12 Mar 99 13:38:39 -0800
>Subject: prefix-dylan specification
>From: "Robert D. Skeels" <>
>To: "Jim White" <>
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>Mr. White:
>It is almost impossible to find the original prefix language specification
>these days. I have a copy of it at:
> <>
>None of the current implementations support the prefix language anymore.
>However, some of the persons involved with the Gwydion project have
>mentioned they might write a prefix front-end for d2c/Mindy.
> <>
>I wasn't sure if this information was appropriate for the Kawa list, so I
>am mailing it to you. Feel free to post the information to the list if you
>feel it would help.
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