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Re: another macro problem

> There are two sets of methods Kawa can use (I may have this backwards):
> java.lang.Class.getMethod(s) - returns public methods in the given class
> 	*or* its ancestors.
> java.lang.Class.getDeclaredMethod(s) - returns all methods in the
> 	given class *only*.
> One of the patches I sent switched this.  Using both methods, or explicitly
> searching back htrough the base classes seems undesirable, though it is
> an option.

OK, I didn't realize this was the point when you sent me the patches.

> This is not really clear.  Send me an explicit testcase including
> instructions on how to reproduce the problem, and I can try it.
> (You sent me something earlier, but it seems like it might have changed.)

I sent you the code in a separate e-mail (not to this list).