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Re: another macro problem

I did this, but am not sure how to take advantage of this
information. I guess I should look carefully at those
atinteractivelevel.class files. BTW, could this problem be related to
the note in the `defmacro' documentation saying that macros defined
using `defmacro' (currently) cannot be used in code that is compiled
together with the macro definitions (if I understand the sentence
correctly)? I have been doing everything interactively.


> > However, when I enter the expansion manually, it does not break. In an
> > earlier version, I did not use records and had no problems.
> An undocumented option that is useful for debugging is --debug-dump-zip.
> It generates a new zip file for each each time a command is compiled.
> The zip files contains all the generated classes.  You can use
> gnu.bytecode.ZipArchive to extract the classes (if you don't have unzip),
> and gnu.bytecode.dump to disassemble.
> 	--Per Bothner
> Cygnus Solutions