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Adding infix arithmetic expressions to guile

> What you say is that it's inconvient for users to use prefix
> syntax for mathematical expressions.  The only thing required is
> a special form which handles infix syntax, or maybe even just a
> function like Tcl's expr.
> That is, either something like
> (define a 3)
> [syntax] (expr (1+1) * a)
>          -> (* (+ 1 1) a)
>          => 6
> or
> [function] (expr "(1+1)*a")
>            => 6
> Actually, the first is just a matter of
> (define-syntax expr
>   (syntax-rules ()
>     ((_ expressions ...)
>      (expr*
>       (with-output-to-string
>         (lambda ()
> 	  (write '(expressions ...)))))))
> If you have expr* as the function which evaluates a string.
> expr* has to be able to get the value of variables.
> It would of course be nicer if this would just be syntax that
> rewrites the expression, but that's not easy (considering that
> parsing (expr 1+1) in define-syntax isn't trivial...)

I've pretty much just written exactly this.  For example I can now go:

guile> (use-modules (syntax arith))
guile> (define (magnitude x y) #[sqrt(x ^ 2 + y ^ 2)])
guile> (magnitude 1 1)
guile> (procedure-source magnitude)
(lambda (x y) (sqrt (+ (expt x 2) (expt y 2))))

It uses lex and yacc wrapped in a module. I want to do some more work on it but in the mean time if anyone is interested in the source then mail me.

Ian Grant, Computer Lab., New Museums Site, Pembroke Street, Cambridge
Phone: +44 1223 334420          Personal e-mail: iang at pobox dot com 

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