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RE: continuation theory (Re: Translators, yet once more)

> On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Telford Tendys wrote:
> [...]
> > -- Guile should make it's primary target to be an extension language
> >    for applications. It should NOT attempt to be a scripting language,
> >    nor should it worry if other scheme implementations can do 
> >    something that guile cannot do.

I disagree.  If I can't use Guile as a scripting language (as part of my
extension) than what's the point?  If I have to embed Python to get
services, then I'll make it my extension language as well.  I think it's
important that Guile be available and usable as a scripting and extension
language.  Otherwise, there is very little point in using it at all.

> [...]
> > -- Guile should not attempt to support a multi-threading system but 
> >    it should be thread-friendly itself so that an application which 
> >    uses threads can use guile. There is absolutely no value in an 
> >    extension language that tries to spawn its own threads all over 
> >    the place -- whoever is designing the application will make their 
> >    own mind up about how many threads they need and what they are 
> >    doing with them -- presume that the application designer is right 
> >    sometimes.

Again I disagree.  Guile needs to support threaded programming.  Providing
some programming constructs to the application programmer (i.e., the native
C threads), but not to the extension programmer, will create situations
certain extensions cannot be written (or cannot be written efficiently).  
Threads are a basic and fundamental part of many modern designs.  To omit 
them for the extension programmer will result in a crippled extension

One obvious case where threads would be warranted for extension programming
is an extension that act as fundamental parts of the parent program (e.g.,
a spell checking module for a text editor, an HTML parser for a web
server, etc.)



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