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[ANN] big pile 'o stuff 3

Re: [ANN] text buffers: really alpha release

Re: [ANN]: a big pile o' stuff

Re: [ANN]: boot-9 sliming, r3

Re: [ANN]: boot-9 slimming r2

Re: [ANN]: guilegc r8

Re: [ANN]: guilegc r9

Re: [ANN]: slimmed down boot-9, revision 1

[ANN]: text buffers version 0.2

[FYI] qdocs update

Re: [tb@MIT.EDU (Thomas Bushnell, BSG)] Re: Parsing of Config files (was Re: GRUB installation thoughts)

AnonCVS access to Guile sources

Re: bug somewhere in signals/sockets code

Re: case-insensitivity and module paths

Re: Case-sensitivity.

Re: Dramatic speed drop-off bug, part 2

Re: emacs mode

environment objects

Environment objects, closed environments, local-eval...

Re: Fatal numbers bug

Re: gc and alloca()

Re: gh_list

Godot: please read this first

Re: gtk or sql as module?

Guile dev sources

Re: Guile for IPC

Re: guile GC & smobs

Re: Guile in a closed environment

Re: Guile inexact math bug?

Guile interface to Sybase's dblib available

Re: guile modules

Re: Guile multiple interpreters / closed environments?

Re: Guile scripting host?

Re: Guile vs. CORBA for extensibility (Re: Guile scripting host?)

Re: Guile-gtk (0.14)on FeeeBSD HELP wanted

Re: guile-unexec experiences

Re: Hobittable but nonexecutable code

RE: how to locally eval??

If you're tired of being broke, then this is for you!!!!

Re: An insanely slow guile is the latest standard release!

Re: An insanely slow guile is the latest standard release! (fwd)

JOBOP Focus Developer


JOBOP VAX VMS System Administrator

Re: libffi

Re: libguile and readline

Re: libguile and readline (again!)

Re: Lilypond & GUILE: failure report, help!

Re: LilyPond 1.1.31

Re: list library

Re: local eval

Re: local-eval

Maximize Your Website's Traffic!

Re: More case-insensitivity problems...

Re: object-properties

Re: Optional Arguments

Patch to initialize time zone for strftime

Re: Path searching.

Re: Plugins, Guile, and Gimp

Re: profiling support

Re: Reload of a module

Re: RPM for patched version of guile 1.3 with slow read fix.

Re: separating user interfaces

set procedure docs from C

Six Figure Income For Serious Entrepreneurs

Re: slimming down boot-9.scm

Re: stack overflow

Tcl->Scheme v0.1

Tcl->Scheme v0.2

Re: text buffers

two more bugs(?)...

Re: Unicode strings

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