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Re: libguile and readline

Here is the section I wrote for the NEWS file on this issue.  Does
this seem accurate, clear, and fair?

* Changes to the distribution

** Readline support is no longer included with Guile by default.

Because of the terms of Readline's license, we felt that it was
deceptive to users for Guile to include Readline support by default.
Readline support will instead be offered as a separate module, which
users must explicitly request.

Although Guile is GNU software, it is distributed under a weakened
version of the GNU General Public License.  To make it possible for
Guile to compete with Tcl, Guile's license includes a clause which
allows you to link Guile with programs distributed under terms other
than the GPL.

In contrast, the GNU Readline library is distributed under the
full-strength GNU General Public License.  This means that you may not
link Readline, even dynamically, into any code unless it is also
distributed under the GPL.

If linking against Guile caused users to automatically link against
Readline, then Readline's license would require users to distribute
their code under the full GPL, leaving Guile's advertised weaker
license irrelevant.  We felt it was unfair to advertise a weak
license, but have Guile's default configuration actually require the
full GPL.