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Re: Guile-gtk (0.14)on FeeeBSD HELP wanted

Albert Mietus wrote:
> I'm trying to learn guile, and I want to use it with gtk.
> I downloaded several version of gtk, and fetched some FreeBSD-packages
> from CDrom as well.
>   I also downloaded guile-gtk-0.14 and there I got a problem I don't
> understand; and would like some help.

I just compiled guile-gtk-0.14 with gtk 1.0.6 and guile 1.3, and had
no problem at all with building & installing guile-gtk (Red Hat Linux

The problems start when you try to run the examples...Most of them
don't work at all, some of them manage to display something before
and only "HelloWorld" seems to be OK!

This is probably the wrong mailing list to complain about these problems
(a GTK mailing list would be more apropiate), but I am wondering if
using GTK
with Guile is the right thing to do? GTK is a nice toolkit and if I
where to
write a C program that required any kind of GUI widgets it probably
would be
my first choice. But it doesn't seem to be a good match for Guile. I
prefer to see toolkit based on tk (from tcl/tk). From what I managed to
out it seems that sometime ago Guile did support tk and then it didn't
Anybody knows what is the status on this?


Gerardo Horvilleur