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Re: libguile and readline

    The guile _sources_ can be distributed on LGPL; but

The Guile distribution terms are not the LGPL.  They DO permit linking
Guile into non-free programs, but this is implemented with different
language, not with the LGPL.  We did this for a specific strategic
goal, to compete with TCL.

Readline is a different matter.  Readline is released under the GPL,
pure and simple.  So linking Readline into a non-free program is not
allowed.  Our position is that it makes no difference whether linking
is static or dynamic.

The consequences of this are simple: people can use Guile in non-free
programs, but they cannot use Readline in non-free programs.

The messages I received don't clearly lay out what practical question
is being considered, or what the alternatives are.  So I can't speak
to that.