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Re: guile-gobject problem [solved], g-wrap

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> [I fixed the spelling of Rob's username - it was rbl in your mail.]
[I already re-sent it to him]

>   I've found & fixed the bug. I'll commit to CVS (just have been given
>   access by Marius!), after posting a patch here for review. First,
>   however, I'd like to discuss (once again ;-)), the forking of
>   g-wrap. I could check in a g-wrap into the guile-gtk CVS repository
>   that provides:
[some nice features]

> Not that I know what's really up, but note that gnucash is said to be
> short of developer cycles.
Yes, I've read the article on LWN.

> So creating a g-wrap _project_ on savannah, rather than putting it
> under guile-gtk, and trying to make sure (a bit) it still works for
> other uses, and perhaps a release, might be a real contribution.
There is already a g-wrap project on savannah, owned by Rob. There is
no code in CVS ATM. If Rob would give me CVS write access, I'd be
happy to check my modified version in. He could then lart me on any
ugly things I've done with his code ;-), and I'll try to bring it in
shape again.

Regards, Andy
Andreas Rottmann         | Rotty@ICQ      | 118634484@ICQ | | GnuPG Key:
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Latein ist das humanoide Äquivalent zu Fortran.
   -- Alexander Bartolich in at.linux

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