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Re: guile-gobject problem [solved], g-wrap

[I fixed the spelling of Rob's username - it was rbl in your mail.]

  I've found & fixed the bug. I'll commit to CVS (just have been given
  access by Marius!), after posting a patch here for review. First,
  however, I'd like to discuss (once again ;-)), the forking of
  g-wrap. I could check in a g-wrap into the guile-gtk CVS repository
  that provides:

  * Argument hiding (needed for GError exceptions).

  * An argument call-ccg (needed for GError, since it is passed 
    by double-refernce (pointer to pointer)).

  * A changed (generating less code) mechanism to 
    wrap enums (this only has gains for non-GObject enums, though).

  * The patched gw-standard-spec.scm as provided by guile-gobject today.

  * An exported gw:wrapset-get-wrapsets-depended-on (the fix 
    mentioned already uses this, although it could be changed not 
    to use it easily).

Not that I know what's really up, but note that gnucash is said to be
short of developer cycles.  So creating a g-wrap _project_ on
savannah, rather than putting it under guile-gtk, and trying to make
sure (a bit) it still works for other uses, and perhaps a release,
might be a real contribution.

        Greg Troxel <>

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