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Re: Compiling guile-gobject experiences

On Mon, 04 Aug 2003, Andreas Rottmann wrote:

> Andy Wingo <> writes:
> > I'd be pleased to have you on as a co-maintainer if you're still
> > interested.
> Yes, I'm still interested (and have an ADSL connection :-), at least
> until October, when I'll probably move to Vienna).

Grand! Do you have cvs access? I think Marius would be the person to ask
to get that...

> How should we go on about g-wrap? We really should have a CVS
> repository of it, so since Rob Browning isn't responsive, we maybe
> should set one up on savannah in the guile-gtk project temporarily[0]?

Hm, I was wondering about that as well, especially with your GError
support... hm. I don't know really, I guess this would be OK as a
temporary measure. The best thing would be somehow to be able to import
it within the g-wrap project that you said was already made, but Rob
would need to be around to authorise that... Dunno. I'm copying him on
this e-mail, hopefully he comes back to life within the next couple of



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