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Compiling guile-gobject experiences


I've just tried a rebuild of a new guile-gobject CVS checkout. The
build takes extremly long (I've cancelled it, after my machine started
heavy trashing). The problem is the generated guile-gnome-gw-gtk.c,
which has 154075 lines (:-O). 

My machine is not really that low-end: AMD Athlon 900Mhz, 384MB RAM,
over 1G Swap. I used gcc 3.3.1 20030728 (Debian prerelease), default
optimization settings (-O2).

After over 10 minutes of running, needing over 100MB of RAM, consuming
100% CPU, gcc got even more greedy and memory usage got up to ~825MB,
which caused my machine to trash, of course, and CPU consumption fell to
near zero.

In short, the solution would be to break the big C file into several
junks, or reduce the size of the autogenerated code (if that's
feasible at all). For comparison, I had a look at the python GTK
wrappers, and their gtk.c file only (;-)) has 37060 lines, which is
less than 25%...

Regards, Andy
Andreas Rottmann         | Rotty@ICQ      | 118634484@ICQ | | GnuPG Key:
Fingerprint              | DFB4 4EB4 78A4 5EEE 6219  F228 F92F CFC5 01FD 5B62

It's GNU/Linux dammit!

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