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Re: guile-gobject 0.5.3 released

Andy Wingo <> writes:

> guile-gobject 0.5.3 released
> There are no large changes in this release. The author uses it daily in
> his guile bindings for gstreamer, which can be found in the gst-guile
> module in gstreamer cvs.
> Included in the guile-gobject package are bindings for glib, pango, atk,
> gdk, and gtk+. These have not been used as much, but are already quite
> functional due to the strong gobject support in the bindings and a
> quality .defs->g-wrap interpreter. A maintainer for these bindings is
> needed, as the author is not very interested in them. Interested hackers
> should contact the author. Some inspiration about how to do the
> customizations might be found in the gstreamer bindings.
I might be interested in at least the glib bindings, however ATM I
don't have much time and good internet connectivity due to my summer
holdiday job. I hope I've got more time starting with end of
August/beginning of September. I intend to resolve the GError issue
(throwing exceptions instead of providing a GError parameter) then,
hopefully Rob Browning is a bit more responsive about g-wrap by then.

Regards, Andy
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