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web page and 0.5.2

1) Would it be OK if I modified the web page to reflect the current
   status of the two development lines, and perhaps put up some
   documentation on guile-gobject?

2) There's a new release up at It's now
   all in CVS, with tags for RELEASE_0_5_0, RELEASE_0_5_1, and
   RELEASE_0_5_2. If we get the g-wrap things in to g-wrap somewhere,
   then all libraries will actually be released, yay! If someone could
   put that release up on the savannah site, I'd be quite grateful --
   the sun's going down and I need to head on home.

Release notes for 0.5.2, which is the same as the CVS commit log:

- override the proper method in example-1.scm
- rewrite tic-tac-toe.scm to be a nice demo of subclassing GObjects,
  with let-params
- create idle sources with G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT_IDLE, not
  G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT -- thanks to owen taylor
- make commentary of gobject.scm help-compliant
- move pspec arg details to primitives.scm
- add support for setting pspec-flags when making a new pspec
- change prototypes for gobject:{get,set}-property to be sane and easily
- new syntax: define-gobject-class
- new syntax: let-params
- add null-ok to some glib function parameters
- gparam-spec:args actually returns the args, zipped up with their
  corresponding keywords
- new procedure: gobject:gwrap-set-all-types-used
- made gtype-instances have a 1 to 1 correspondence with their
  GTypeInstance counterparts
- generalized equal? to work on objects
- put generics in the root module, for better or for worse
- wrap GTypeClasses so we can wrap class methods
- new variable: gruntime:byte-order
- add gtype-class slot to all gtype-instances (set-once)
- added some files that were in the old CVS but not in releases



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