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Re: containers tentative design summary

Two comments:

I'm a bit rusty with my C structs... but you would need two distinct
static classes to have const and non-const data pointers for your view

Also, it sounds like writing code that will work for a tensor of any
rank (e.g. add two tensors together) might be either tedious or
impossible.  I recognize that part of the problem is the lack of
templating and polymorphism, but it would at least be comforting to
see just how bad the situation is via a use case or two in the design
documentation.   I (naively?) fear that to get good performance will
require a whole library of functions for even the most basic of

gsl_marray_add_1_0( gsl_marray_1, double );
gsl_marray_add_1_1( gsl_marray_1, gsl_marray_1);
gsl_marray_add_1_2( gsl_marray_1, gsl_marray_2);
gsl_marray_add_2_2(... )

gsl_marray_sub_1_0( ... )

Maybe a system of macros could be designed to help here, but it sounds
like it will never be as easy as writing a couple of for-loops.


On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 10:05 PM, Gerard Jungman <> wrote:
> A summary of the tentative design for containers. Code will follow,
> as soon as a few things are sorted out. (See previous post on
> questions about block/vector/matrix).
> --
> G. Jungman


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