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GNATS 4.1.0 Released!

GNATS 4.1.0, March 2005

This is GNATS 4.1.0, a release that incorporates multiple bug fixes
and enhancements that have been committed to CVS since the release of
GNATS 4.0.  Notable enhancements include:

- Upgrade to autoconf 2.59 generated configure scripts.
- New PR numbers are reported to the client upon new submissions
- Rewrite of install-sid.  Now, rather than editing send-pr, which can
  be installed on a read-only partition, install-sid creates or edits
  user or site configuration files ~/.send-pr.conf or
- Removal of libiberty, old manpages, and old build framework cruft
- Performance enhancements to indexing code
- Various cleanups and bugfixes.  See the ChangeLog files for details.

This release of GNATS is available at
or in CVS under the gnats-4_1-branch as gnats-4_1_0-release.  See the
Savannah project page [1]_ for instructions on how to use CVS [2]_.

.. [1]
.. [2]

For general questions or help with GNATS, email  To
report bugs, please send email to

Happy Tracking!

Chad Walstrom <> 
           assert(expired(knowledge)); /* core dump */

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