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GNATS announcements, updates, etc.

I'm sending announcement this across all the mailing lists to bring
everyone up to date.  I know that some of this has already been sent
to some of the lists, sorry about the duplication.

Bob Manson has released a small bugfix snapshot, 3.112.1.  There were a
couple of critical problems in 3.111 which make that version generally
unusable--please use 3.112.1 instead of 3.111.

There is a new version of TkGNATS, 3.0.13.  It was released at the end
of August, see the TkGNATS web page for download information:

There are three mailing lists for GNATS:, and

There are web archives of all three lists available on;
there are links to them on the GNATS home page,

Discussions about GNATS flow pretty freely between bug-gnats and
gnats-devel.  If you want to keep up to date with GNATS development,
you'll need to follow both lists.  The web archives are a nice way of
keeping up to date with them if you don't want to subscribe directly.


I'd like to remind everyone that GNATS has its own gnats database
for reporting problems with gnats.  You can connect to it with any
gnatsd-aware front end that you like (username guest password guest
will give you full viewconf access).  I've installed gnatsweb on, feel free to use that to browse existing PRs or
submit new ones.  Use this URL:

If you want to e-mail a PR in, send it to

If you'd like to see all incoming GNATS PRs, state changes, and comments
added to them, check out the "" mailing
list.  There is a web archive--the gnats web page has the link for that
and all the information about subscribing to this list.

If front-end authors would like to have a category in this database for
their front end, I'll be happy to set that up.  Contact me directly.


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