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[Bug localedata/25206] strcoll sort result incorrect locale lv_LV.UTF-8

Rafal Luzynski <digitalfreak at lingonborough dot com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |digitalfreak@lingonborough.
                   |                            |com

--- Comment #2 from Rafal Luzynski <digitalfreak at lingonborough dot com> ---
Probably this should be addressed to Agris and I hope he is able to read this

(In reply to Carlos O'Donell from comment #0)
> Created attachment 12082 [details]
> lv_LV.UTF-8.in_sorted
> In the downstream bug report:
> [...]

These details look suspicious to me for the following reasons.

1. The quoted rule says that "the string with capital letter is preferred". 
What does it mean "preferred"?  To me it seems it means it should be sorted
first.  This rule would be difficult for us to implement because probably we
would have to reorder all letters.  I'm not sure if this is worth the effort. 
But then the sample sort file lists uppercase letters second.  Which is fine
for me but contradicting the rule.

2. My understanding of the rule quoted above is that it should be applied when
the words differ only in the upper/lower case of the letter.  The letters
should be compared ignoring the case first.  But the sample file sorts all
uppercase words after all lowercase, for example:


Is this really what we want?  I think that this rule would be very inconvenient
for the users because they would have to be aware of this rule all the time and
be ready to search for uppercased words always after the respective lowercase

3. I totally understand and agree with one point.  The letters 'a' and 'ā'
should be separated.  For example, now we have:


but if I understand correctly this should be:


This is understandable and easy to implement but that means that we all were
wrong, by "all" I mean including CLDR.  But in order to confirm that CLDR was
wrong I would like at least to see a ticket filed against CLDR and at least see
no objection at their side.

4. Please note that the current sorting rules for lv_LV distinguish letters 'c'
vs 'č', 'g' vs 'ģ', 'k' vs 'ķ' and several more.  Do I understand correctly
that those letters work fine and the same rule should be applied to 'a' vs 'ā'
and several more characters?

(In reply to Carlos O'Donell from comment #1)
> Created attachment 12083 [details]
> Additional sorted file.

5. This does not look good to me, either.  I mean, adding more test chars is a
good idea but removing other test chars just because they are foreign to
Latvian is not.  The sorting rules must somehow deal with even the most exotic
characters.  This is the reason why we aim at starting the collating rules with
“copy "iso14651_t1"” which aims to include all Unicode characters and only then
we add rules specific for the current language.

TL;DR: If adding a rule to distinguish 'a' vs 'ā' plus several more similar
characters is sufficient then we can easily implement this but the attached
test cases need to be fixed.  Otherwise we'll have to verify if the required
rules are correct.

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