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[Bug string/20736] powerpc: string2.h strcmp macro gratuitously adds __builtin_

--- Comment #5 from Aaron Sawdey <acsawdey at gcc dot> ---
  Yes this is specific to powerpc because I am adding gcc builtin expansion of
strncmp/strcmp. When I did the same thing for memcmp I was able to test the
builtin expansion vs the base case by turning it off with -fno-builtin-memcmp.

Ultimately it doesn't matter if this changes and it sounds like it won't. "The
code looks nicer" carries little weight vs performance numbers as you say.

The thing that I will want do do (but not via this BZ) is to get some of this
macro expansion trickery out of the way because gcc's expansion can generate a
whole lot better code especially when gcc knows the alignment of the string
pointers due to analysis. But this can be done via
_HAVE_STRING_ARCH_strcmp/strncmp in sysdeps/powerpc/bits/string.h.

I think this answers the question and this bug can be closed.


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