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[Bug nptl/20719] glibc: canceled pthread_cond_wait invokes wrong internal cleanup handler, leading to OOB write

--- Comment #1 from Florian Weimer <fweimer at redhat dot com> ---
Root cause is this in libgcc/unwind-c.c:

    145   int ip_before_insn = 0;
    173   /* Parse the LSDA header.  */
    174   p = parse_lsda_header (context, language_specific_data, &info);
    175 #ifdef HAVE_GETIPINFO
    176   ip = _Unwind_GetIPInfo (context, &ip_before_insn);
    177 #else
    178   ip = _Unwind_GetIP (context);
    179 #endif
    180   if (! ip_before_insn)
    181     --ip;
    182   landing_pad = 0;

i386 is a !HAVE_GETIPINFO architecture, so !ip_before_insn is always true, and
we decrement ip.

This means that if SIGCANCEL hits at .Lsub_cond_futex/19 in pthread_cond_wait:

    183         movl    %ebp, %edx
    184         addl    $cond_futex, %ebx
    185 .Ladd_cond_futex:
    186         movl    $SYS_futex, %eax
    187         ENTER_KERNEL
    188         subl    $cond_futex, %ebx
    189 .Lsub_cond_futex:
    191 19:     movl    (%esp), %eax
    192         call    __pthread_disable_asynccancel
    193 .LcleanupEND:

, the unwinder assumes that signal happened at the last byte of subl, *within*
the instruction range which calls __condvar_w_cleanup2.

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