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[Bug localedata/10871] ru_RU: 'mon' array should contain both nominative and genitive cases

--- Comment #59 from Rafal Luzynski <digitalfreak at lingonborough dot com> ---
Created attachment 9574
Provide backward compatibility for strftime family

This patch provides backward compatibility feature for the functions:
strftime(), strftime_l(), wcsftime(), and wcsftime_l(). The backward compatible
versions ignore the %OB format specifier and for the format specifier %B return
the same results as %OB does for the new version.

Is this sufficient? This patch does not provide the backward compatibility for
strptime() and strptime_l(). Do we need a backward compatible version? The
possible backward compatible version would:

* return an error code if %OB format specifier is found,
* match the month names only against the nominative form (but since the month
is recognized after the longest matching substring at the beginning the results
will be usually the same no matter if we match nominative or genitive cases).

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