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[Bug libc/20544] RFE: atexit, __cxa_atexit, on_exit detect NULL function pointer argument

John Reiser <jreiser at BitWagon dot com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|RFE: detect NULL function   |RFE: atexit, __cxa_atexit,
                   |argumen atexit,             |on_exit detect NULL
                   |__cxa_atexit, on_exit       |function pointer argument

--- Comment #1 from John Reiser <jreiser at BitWagon dot com> ---
Request For Enhancement(RFE): Please detect a NULL function pointer argument to
functions atexit(), __cxa_atexit(), on_exit().  Such an argument will cause
SIGSEGV when the exit function attempts to call the function as the program
exits.  This is an error by the caller of atexit or __cxa_atexit or on_exit. 
It would be nice to detect the error as early as possible.

The suggested action upon detecting a NULL function pointer is to not enqueue
the NULL pointer, then return an error value (typically -1) from atexit,
__cxa_atexit, or on_exit.

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