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[Bug libc/20425] unbalanced and poor utilization of memory in glibc arenas may cause memory bloat and subsequent OOM

--- Comment #14 from Sumeet Keswani <sumeet.keswani at hpe dot com> ---
(In reply to Florian Weimer from comment #13)
> (In reply to Sumeet Keswani from comment #12)
> > "Can you reproduce the issue with more recent glibc versions than what's in
> >  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6?" 
> > - yes we are able to reproduce this with glibc-2.12.1-192 which is the most
> > recent glibc in RHEL 6.x
> That doesn't really answer my question.  I'm interested in the behavior of
> the current upstream sources (master branch or any of the recent release
> branches would be fine).
> If you don't want to work with upstream sources, we should perhaps move the
> conversation to the bug in Red Hat Bugzilla because glibc 2.12 is not
> terribly relevant to the glibc upstream community at this point (that
> release happened more than five years ago).

sorry I misunderstood. 

yes, I can try it with more recent sources (albeit i havn't thus far). 
we definitely have a interesting in getting to this bottom of this on more
recent version of glibc what ship with RHEL7/ubuntu etc... as we have users on
those versions too.

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