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[Bug admin/10464] compile error

[Bug admin/6831] *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (out): 0x657c4640 ***

[Bug admin/7084] fix the total number of ip addrs in Router Header type 0 in inet6_rth_reverse()

[Bug admin/7085] check memory space in inet6_rth_add()

[Bug admin/9895] README out of date

[Bug build/10060] 2.9.90 configure still does not figure out i686 (Pentium i686) without --with-cpu=

[Bug build/10062] 'make' for glibc-2.9 fails even though 'configure' is OK

[Bug build/10375] glibc can be built only if -U_FORTIFY_SOURCE is added to CFLAGS

[Bug build/10535] mis-installation of code during check sequence glibc 2.10.1

[Bug build/10545] forced_unwind and c_cleanup needed when cross-compiling

[Bug build/10596] localedata tests fails if gconv-modules is not already installed

[Bug build/7065] Support building glibc with -fstack-protector or -fstack-protector-all

[Bug dynamic-link/10072] 2.9.90 (2009-04-14) : ldconfig creates wrong links for librt, libdl, libpthread

[Bug dynamic-link/10411] Segfault with non-existent directory in LD_LIBRARY_PATH

[Bug dynamic-link/11177] LD_AUDIT doesn't work with shared libraries containing no code

[Bug dynamic-link/12939] resolving shared library symbols returns wrong file

[Bug dynamic-link/17078] error while loading shared libraries: unexpected reloc type 0x0d

[Bug dynamic-link/17153] New: Shared libraries built with multiple tocs resolve plt to local function entry

[Bug dynamic-link/17153] Shared libraries built with multiple tocs resolve plt to local function entry

[Bug dynamic-link/17162] Glibc 2.5 segfault in

[Bug dynamic-link/17162] New: Glibc 2.5 segfault in

[Bug dynamic-link/9758] RTLD_DEEPBIND causes separate NULL `environ'

[Bug hurd/10265] heap overflow condition in stdlib/canonicalize.c

[Bug hurd/5904] Executable locking is failing

[Bug hurd/6860] hurd/hurd/signal.h: small typo

[Bug libc/10018] malloc thread-safety issues

[Bug libc/10021] getaddrinfo uses uninitialised value in conditional (glibc-2.9)

[Bug libc/10051] segfault with libc and qemu when socket listen used

[Bug libc/10052] build not parallel safe

[Bug libc/10063] 'configure' for glibc-2.9 does not check presence, test fail

[Bug libc/10068] Changes to scandir() and alphasort() in dirent.h but no change to glibc minor version number

[Bug libc/10071] 2.9.90 (2009-04-14) libio/genops.c : __underflow() does not handle NULL FP

[Bug libc/10083] IPV6 getaddrinfo and AI_ADDRCONFIG

[Bug libc/10086] nanosecond adjtimex support

[Bug libc/10087] STT_GNU_IFUNC handling doesn't work with function descriptor

[Bug libc/10092] Update sys/mount.h to match kernel headers

[Bug libc/10093] iconv accepts UTF-8-encoded UTF-16 surrogates

[Bug libc/10096] Adjust STT_GNU_IFUNC to support targets with OPDs (hppa, ia64)

[Bug libc/10097] Allow libc-port machine to override nptl/init.c without overriding csu/init.c

[Bug libc/10100] Regression in hsearch_r(): Segmentation fault over internal invariant violation

[Bug libc/10138] Outdated config.guess/sub

[Bug libc/10149] stack guard should lead with zero byte to gain protections from str* writes

[Bug libc/10157] Wrong value for sysconf(_SC_CPUTIME) or sysconf(_SC_THREAD_CPUTIME) on ia64

[Bug libc/10159] Exit status inspection macros fail on const argument

[Bug libc/10162] stratcliff test segfaults on ia64

[Bug libc/10164] Test.

[Bug libc/10166] grantpt() does can not be used for devpts

[Bug libc/10183] tst-cpucount fails if CPU_SETSIZE < 129

[Bug libc/10191] socket/accept4.c fails to build

[Bug libc/10192] Use writev_not_cancel_no_status in elf/dl-misc.c

[Bug libc/10195] nd_opt_home_agent_info.nd_opt_home_agent_info_preference declared as an int16_t instead of uint16_t

[Bug libc/10200] Tests from db-symbols.awk fail on alpha (+ fix)

[Bug libc/10207] add support for gshadow in getent

[Bug libc/10211] localtime does not consider the leap-seconds. glibc >= 2.7

[Bug libc/10217] provide mechanism to examine assert/fatal messages from core file

[Bug libc/10221] Please provide execvpe as a GNU extension

[Bug libc/10226] Support for GSM 03.38 character set in iconv

[Bug libc/10229] sysdeps/{i386,x86_64}/bits/select.h -Wconversion warnings

[Bug libc/10239] dlfcn.h triggers "error: comma at end of enumerator list" with g++ -pedantic

[Bug libc/10243] Segfault in specifing segment start from 0x0 to 0xff

[Bug libc/10246] glob() with GLOB_NOCHECK is returning a modified pattern sometimes

[Bug libc/10251] Glibc should be back and forward compatible

[Bug libc/10264] __const undefined

[Bug libc/10281] <string.h> broken if __USE_GNU is defined

[Bug libc/10282] free() race in mcheck hooks

[Bug libc/10283] localedef fails to generate locale-archive on SH4 arch

[Bug libc/10286] The first day of Asturian locale

[Bug libc/10296] QoI: ctype macros should trigger gcc -Wall warnings on 'char' argument

[Bug libc/10315] UDP_CORK socket option is missing in udp.h

[Bug libc/10320] erand48 implementation not thread safe but POSIX says it should be

[Bug libc/10330] MAP_NOSYNC for mmap()

[Bug libc/10339] Terminal interface: non-standard baudrates are not handled properly on Linux-systems

[Bug libc/10349] add mkstemps

[Bug libc/10353] Methods for deleting all file descriptors greater than given integer

[Bug libc/10354] posix_spawn should use vfork() in more cases than presently

[Bug libc/10355] cabs(z) == nan if z = inf + j * nan

[Bug libc/10360] EDNS0: res_nopt truncates buffer size incorrectly

[Bug libc/10383] Insufficient stack allocation in _dl_runtime_resolve

[Bug libc/10391] conditional jump depends on uninitialised value in __libc_res_nsend

[Bug libc/10392] iconv's CP932 doesn't recognize apparently valid input

[Bug libc/10394] strptime() has harder restriction for field year than documented

[Bug libc/10404] strtod of very small number returns with errno set to ERANGE

[Bug libc/10405] glibc doesn't compile on ia64 with 2.6.30 kernel headers

[Bug libc/10412] undefined behavior when porting error()

[Bug libc/10416] build failure with g++ 4.5.0 (and fix)

[Bug libc/10422] eventfd/signalfd do not work with < 2.6.27 kernel

[Bug libc/10423] glibc does not build for ia64-linux

[Bug libc/10446] "struct sigevent" outdated on ia64 and s390 (bits/siginfo.h)

[Bug libc/10448] nsswitch.conf: NOTFOUND instead of UNAVAIL is returned when an NSS module is not available

[Bug libc/10452] send_dg(): first answer overwritten when it is SERVFAIL, NOTIMP or REFUSED

[Bug libc/10456] missing include in string.h

[Bug libc/10463] compile error

[Bug libc/10470] debug/tst-longjmp_chk2 failed

[Bug libc/10484] getaddrinfo segfaults if /etc/hosts has a long line

[Bug libc/10511] popen() returns fp on non existing file

[Bug libc/10547] strftime Feature Request - day of month as 1st, 2nd, 3rd...

[Bug libc/10553] malloc_info produces invalid output

[Bug libc/10559] getaddrinfo() calls unnecessarily connect()

[Bug libc/10560] [PATCH] Avoid malloc deadlocks in assert() and friends

[Bug libc/10562] nptl/sysdeps/x86_64/tls.h:77:3: error: #error "TLS support is required."

[Bug libc/10564] utmp timeout too short

[Bug libc/10566] sys/mount.h does not define MNT_DETACH and MNT_EXPIRE

[Bug libc/10567] getaddrinfo() hints==NULL (ai_flags) deviates from POSIX.1

[Bug libc/10571] strtol() cutoff range cause premature overflow

[Bug libc/10600] stdio/strfmon.c multiple vulnerabilities

[Bug libc/10600] stdio/strfmon.c multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2008-1391)

[Bug libc/10609] openat (and *at friends) fail to detect ENOENT

[Bug libc/10610] valgrind detect 1 extra free() from _vgnU_freeres per shared lib linked

[Bug libc/10631] clarify malloc error message to avoid confusion

[Bug libc/10635] realpath portability patches

[Bug libc/10638] system(3) does not catch its own SIGCHLD

[Bug libc/10643] If pthread_create fails in aio_write, requests linked list is corrupted

[Bug libc/10668] regression: since glibc 2.9 one app can not execute another one

[Bug libc/10696] tzset_internal doesn't handle changes of timezone file

[Bug libc/10699] The argz create routines respond differently to empty strings

[Bug libc/10717] memusagestat SIGFPE and other observations

[Bug libc/10721] strverscmp : manual versus library

[Bug libc/10730] duplicate call to __set_errno in __initstate_r

[Bug libc/10731] spelling error in a comment in rand_r.c

[Bug libc/10748] program crashes when loading and unloading shared library in a thread

[Bug libc/10756] free doesn't free all memory alloced by memalign

[Bug libc/10776] With M_MMAP_MAX=0 free() causes undefined behaviour.

[Bug libc/10780] puts(s) where strlen(s) >= INT_MAX returns a negative value other than EOF

[Bug libc/10784] expect fails when calling ttyname on a serial port

[Bug libc/10789] netinet/ip.h lacks DSCP definitions

[Bug libc/10803] configure script needs compatibility with bintuils 2.20

[Bug libc/10814] utmp locking uses alarm() which can't fully restore timer

[Bug libc/10816] ld and as version checks in are incorrect

[Bug libc/10818] printf("%s\n", NULL) segfaults

[Bug libc/10823] [patch] __libc_res_nsend: wrong subscript while copying nsaddr_list into nsaddrs

[Bug libc/10840] glibc could now fix broken F_GETOWN

[Bug libc/10847] getutmpx is missing in

[Bug libc/10851] no fallback to nameserver if /etc/resolv.conf is missing

[Bug libc/10855] localedef fails to create locale-archive on SPARC

[Bug libc/10859] getent hosts doesn't search ipv4 when ipv6 is configured

[Bug libc/10864] <bits/confname.h> does not build with -pendantic-errors

[Bug libc/10882] [powerpc] --enable-profile broken on powerpc

[Bug libc/10885] xlocale support

[Bug libc/10918] CPU_ISSET() doesn't use const casts

[Bug libc/10932] libio use isatty() but don't take care of -ENOTTY

[Bug libc/10939] glibc does not support linux ERFKILL errno

[Bug libc/10954] unable to make glibc

[Bug libc/10958] getwc() does not work on popen()ed file streams

[Bug libc/10959] argz_create_sep() may create an empty entry at the end of the argz array

[Bug libc/10960] envz_add() adds '=' even when not called for.

[Bug libc/10962] scripts/

[Bug libc/10968] _NL_LOCALE_NAME macro does not work

[Bug libc/10969] duplocale crashes

[Bug libc/10971] configure-script complains about a valid binutils-version

[Bug libc/10972] KSM support missing: MADV_MERGEABLE and MADV_UNMERGEABLE not defined

[Bug libc/10988] AT_* defines might depends on the OS and should be moved to bits/fcntl.h

[Bug libc/10990] Inconsistent definition of int64_t in sys/types and stdint.h

[Bug libc/10992] futimens should reject AT_FDCWD

[Bug libc/11177] LD_AUDIT doesn't work with shared libraries containing no code

[Bug libc/11787] Program with large TLS segments fail.

[Bug libc/13699] Hang in __lll_lock_wait_private after fork and realloc.

[Bug libc/16170] [aarch64] AArch64 __longjmp.S missing sdt.h probes

[Bug libc/16919] recvmsg standard compliance

[Bug libc/17074] New memset for x86 SSE & x86-64

[Bug libc/17111] New: STRTOL(3) unexpected behavior when use '`' before number (i.e."```1") as argument of main ()

[Bug libc/17111] STRTOL(3) unexpected behavior when use '`' before number (i.e."```1") as argument of main ()

[Bug libc/17119] New: [PATCH][TRIVIAL] Comment next to F_GETPIPE_SIZE is faulty.

[Bug libc/17144] New: syslog is not thread-safe if NO_SIGPIPE is not defined

[Bug libc/17145] New: syslog with LOG_CONS leaks console file descriptor

[Bug libc/17158] New: strsignal does not know about signals that GLibc reserves for internal use

[Bug libc/17168] Can GLibc expose futex now?

[Bug libc/17168] New: Can GLibc expose futex now?

[Bug libc/17176] backtrace() not working on ARMv7a

[Bug libc/17176] New: backtrace() not working on ARMv7a

[Bug libc/17189] New: Incorrect result for %s in strftime

[Bug libc/17197] New: Redundant shift character in iconv conversion output at block boundary

[Bug libc/17204] New: race condition in nice

[Bug libc/17204] race condition in nice

[Bug libc/2728] Missing definitions in sys/inotify.h

[Bug libc/2775] malloc(0xFFFFnnnn) corruption from 32-bit wraparound

[Bug libc/4403] strfry() gives skewed distributions

[Bug libc/4416] setlocale can fail silently

[Bug libc/4416] setlocales can fail silentely

[Bug libc/4514] printf_unknown calculates work_buffer size incorrectly

[Bug libc/4586] printf crashes on some 'long double' values

[Bug libc/4991] strftime crash on amd64

[Bug libc/5225] The .*wscanf family of functions segfault

[Bug libc/5268] [ldbl-128ibm] huge and denornal reads and writes for long doubles

[Bug libc/5277] Some conversions to iso-2022-jp can hang iconv

[Bug libc/5541] Memory leak found on SUNRPC code on multi-threaded servers

[Bug libc/5545] Potential buffer overflow in sunrpc/clnt_perr.c

[Bug libc/5548] localtime/strftime calling tzset unconditionally

[Bug libc/5553] If mmap fails malloc may assert.

[Bug libc/5600] on 32bit platforms struct signalfd_siginfo in sys/siganlfd.h should be 128 bytes not 124

[Bug libc/5605] dirfd() SEGVs when passed NULL

[Bug libc/5607] netdb.h should not declare herror and hstrerror by default

[Bug libc/5618] puts(NULL) should print "(null)\n"

[Bug libc/5628] The comment for the shmid_ds struct in shm.h is incorrect.

[Bug libc/5649] too many symbols exported from libc

[Bug libc/5666] when getline fails it still allocates a buffer

[Bug libc/5711] mallinfo structure cannot hold 64 bit data

[Bug libc/5736] Typo in malloc.c

[Bug libc/5737] NI_MAXHOST should be available without -D_GNU_SOURCE defined

[Bug libc/5739] Incompatible changes in inet/netinet/in.h

[Bug libc/5741] Segfault in __libc_dlopen_mode ()

[Bug libc/5743] realloc() problem

[Bug libc/5747] C99: Incorrect PRIu8 and PRIu16 in GNU <inttypes.h>

[Bug libc/5752] problem compiling on debian etch amd with sempron 3400+ processor

[Bug libc/5754] Kernel's CONFIG_COMPAT_VDSO leads to segfaults

[Bug libc/5758] [patch] Fix getrlimit() acting funny sometimes

[Bug libc/5760] inet6_opt_init does not initialize the extension header length correctly

[Bug libc/5762] getopt blank option

[Bug libc/5774] some strtod() cases are wrong

[Bug libc/5776] Some conversions to ISO-2022-JP produce invalid text

[Bug libc/5778] pathconf(path,_PC_CHOWN_RESTRICTED) does not work correctly under Linux

[Bug libc/5779] [PATCH] import STAILQ_CONCACT and TAILQ_CONCACT macros for queue.h

[Bug libc/5786] sysconf(_SC_ARG_MAX) no longer accurate since Linux kernel 2.6.23

[Bug libc/5790] strange behavior of getnameinfo on multiple PTR records

[Bug libc/5798] getaddrinfo() with disabled ipv6

[Bug libc/5806] wrong comment in strlen() and other functions

[Bug libc/5807] strlen() not effective

[Bug libc/5873] RFC3484 IPv4 scoping rules conflicts with RFC4380

[Bug libc/5894] Variable Array Instead of variable int <bits/stats.h>

[Bug libc/5903] "iconv" creates unnecessary output

[Bug libc/5929] VALID_ELF_HEADER is not used for the executable

[Bug libc/5939] mkostemp() strangeness

[Bug libc/5950] strtold_l() segfaults on various distribution of linux

[Bug libc/5979] Errors in the glibc-2.7 PO file

[Bug libc/5982] Define INFTIM if _BSD_SOURCE or _SVID_SOURCE?

[Bug libc/6441] Value of slibdir changes after reconfigure for 64-bit targets

[Bug libc/6634] pututline_file() corrupts utmp file when internal_getut_r() returns -1 due to LOCK_FILE timeout.

[Bug libc/6654] realpath contains off-by-one errors

[Bug libc/6684] Segmentation fault after getcontext() and setcontext() on ppc64

[Bug libc/6775] Spurious use of __USE_GNU for in6_pktinfo definition

[Bug libc/6830] Problem with dns resolver

[Bug libc/6839] Remove CHECK_STATIC_TLS to prevent redefinition warning

[Bug libc/6843] getaddrinfo_a segfaults

[Bug libc/6845] Remove redundant PowerPC bits/mathinline.h

[Bug libc/6863] allow disabling getopt_long --long-argument abbreviation matching

[Bug libc/6865] fallback posix_fallocate() implementation is racy

[Bug libc/6867] correct typo: rtdl_global_ro_offsetof to rtld_global_ro_offsetof

[Bug libc/6868] stack dirtied after pthread_create

[Bug libc/6875] iconv: inconsistency in latin charset names

[Bug libc/6909] Build failure on any i386 system that does not define NO_UNDERSCORES

[Bug libc/6910] getpid() wrong in child's signal handler after clone()

[Bug libc/6919] posix_spawnattr_getschedparam overwrites unrelated memory

[Bug libc/6939] Eventfd code is broken

[Bug libc/6940] Leak in tzset_internal function when TZ environment variable doesn't exist ?

[Bug libc/6942] Unaligned access in resolv

[Bug libc/6947] ulimit(UL_SETFSIZE) at linux does not comply with POSIX

[Bug libc/6949] symbol __vdso_clock_gettime, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file with link time reference

[Bug libc/6951] Argentina Timezone inaccurate

[Bug libc/6952] malloc is not thread-safe

[Bug libc/6959] glibc 2.7 overwrites /etc/localtime symlink

[Bug libc/6966] hsearch almost always probes the same index when using the secondary hash

[Bug libc/6974] rpcgen -a generate a fancy Makefile filename

[Bug libc/6980] Over-zealous getgroups_chk() overflow check

[Bug libc/6982] atexit() hooks are not called on exec()

[Bug libc/6985] setlocale(LC_X, NULL) returns invalid pointer with "C" locale, according to mudflap

[Bug libc/6988] glibc compile failure with kernel-header >= 2.6.25 on sh architecture

[Bug libc/6990] Parent pid lost after using raise() in child process

[Bug libc/6995] typo in powerpc32/dl-machine.c: "onsider re-linking"

[Bug libc/7002] wdt.h file do not provide support for function wdt_enable() function for ATmega329p uC

[Bug libc/7009] NSS_DNS Resolver crashes when looking up certain hostnames the first time

[Bug libc/7018] bug in _quicksort

[Bug libc/7019] bug in _quicksort

[Bug libc/7021] locale (faulty?) interfacts with strtod()

[Bug libc/7029] CPU_ALLOC_SIZE() returns wrong value

[Bug libc/7040] Wrong types used in inotify interfaces

[Bug libc/7048] glibc-2.9 doesn't build on i{345}86.

[Bug libc/7055] LD_AUDIT - gettimeofday function segfaults if called from interface

[Bug libc/7060] getaddrinfo() with hints.ai_family = PF_UNSPEC changes behavior in glibc 2.9

[Bug libc/7064] Compiling with --disable-shared doesn't work, and vm86 missing entirely from libc.a even under --enable-shared

[Bug libc/7066] Probable buffer overrun in strtold()

[Bug libc/7101] getopt message for ambiguous options could be more helpful

[Bug libc/7104] strtol result is not always needed.

[Bug libc/9674] mbtowc keeps internal state even for stateless encodings

[Bug libc/9677] mbsnrtowcs clobbers the conversion state when dst == NULL

[Bug libc/9685] __have_{sock_cloexec,pipe2} checks not valid with linux headers older than 2.6.27

[Bug libc/9686] readdir fails to see all files in directory on XFS filesystem

[Bug libc/9689] using profiling C library (-lc_p) segfaults early

[Bug libc/9690] glibc time functionality broken with kernel 2.6.26 and later

[Bug libc/9694] Including wchar.h then wctype.h can break stddef.h

[Bug libc/9700] a means to sort addrinfo list

[Bug libc/9706] 32 bits uid/gid overflow

[Bug libc/9707] Buffer Overflow in strfmon()

[Bug libc/9710] libc_cv_gnu89_inline goes invalid if read from config.cache

[Bug libc/9712] Expose futex system call

[Bug libc/9714] mingling fread and fgets fails at EOF.

[Bug libc/9720] failure when compiling bits/resource.h with -pedantic-errors and without _GNU_SOURCE

[Bug libc/9726] Incorrect fp reg specified in mtfsf instruction used by powepc32 [set|swap]context().

[Bug libc/9728] Typo in sysdeps/generic/dl-osinfo.h: memcmp() should be memcpy()

[Bug libc/9733] Multiple dynamic linker (RTLD) audit libraries fails

[Bug libc/9753] __res_maybe_init() not reinitializing state properly

[Bug libc/9759] declarations of scandir, alphasort not POSIX compliant

[Bug libc/9781] initgroups can use lots of stack space if /etc/group has a huge line

[Bug libc/9793] iconv() incorrectly handles E2BIG condition by partially processing output char

[Bug libc/9799] malloc.c doesn't compile with HAVE_MMAP==0

[Bug libc/9813] pselect implementation (when not implemneted by the kernel) agriviates the race

[Bug libc/9819] readdir segmentation faults when passed NULL

[Bug libc/9823] Error in psignal(int sig, const char * s) if s is an empty string

[Bug libc/9832] LD_POINTER_GUARD does not fully work

[Bug libc/9843] relocation R_386_GOTOFF against undefined hidden symbol '_begin' can not be used when making a shared object

[Bug libc/9847] segfault on null pointer in fstat()

[Bug libc/9854] glibc opens up new tty to print *** %n in writable segment detected ***

[Bug libc/9857] sprintf gives SIGSEGV

[Bug libc/9858] sprintf gives SIGSEGV

[Bug libc/9880] fix the total number of ip addrs in Router Header type 0 in inet6_rth_reverse()

[Bug libc/9881] check memory space in inet6_rth_add()

[Bug libc/9890] clntraw_create and svcraw_create do not communicate

[Bug libc/9893] LD_AUDIT - misaligned _dl_call_pltexit parameter causing crash in audit library

[Bug libc/9894] Support for PI futexes wrongly marked as introduced in 2.6.18

[Bug libc/9901] Testsuite assumes SHELL is set and fails if not

[Bug libc/9913] libc's function strverscmp() has a bug

[Bug libc/9920] use of `long int' in srandom_r changes results under 64bit

[Bug libc/9924] Overriding nptl/init.c also overrides csu/init.c

[Bug libc/9939] MCheck is not thread safe - can report false errors on multi threaded apps

[Bug libc/9942] clock_gettime CLOCK_MONOTONIC nanosecond calculation is broken

[Bug libc/9944] ftok returning duplicate keys for different files on same device?

[Bug libc/9948] Add support for AT_BASE_PLATFORM in LD_SHOW_AUXV

[Bug libc/9955] Please add functions to access /etc/gshadow

[Bug libc/9957] malloc hook accesses aren't thread-safe

[Bug libc/9962] For non-existing groups, getgrnam_r() return the last group configured in the system

[Bug linuxthreads/10500] tls.h needed but not present

[Bug localedata/10011] wrong first_weekday/first_workday for de_AT locale

[Bug localedata/10035] new locale en_RU

[Bug localedata/10213] Please add a locale for Divehi (dv_MV)

[Bug localedata/10312] Incorrect Time notation in Colombian locale es_CO

[Bug localedata/10319] Patch to fix accents in shs_CA locale definiton file

[Bug localedata/10346] locales/ru_UA: Fix first day of the week

[Bug localedata/10369] tst_mblen unexpectedly fails

[Bug localedata/10384] I created the locale for my project sml_PH

[Bug localedata/10414] ml_IN Collation data is wrong for letter 'na'

[Bug localedata/10425] [PATCH] LC_TIME for it_IT it_CH wrong

[Bug localedata/10496] time representation in Arabian locales faulty?

[Bug localedata/10497] Add YESSTR and NOSTR for en_US and POSIX locales

[Bug localedata/10501] bn_IN collation does not have canonical equivalence definitions

[Bug localedata/10502] sorting between Indic Languages should be as per unicode code point

[Bug localedata/10503] setlocale returns a valid locale and sets errno to ENOENT

[Bug localedata/10525] [PATCH] Fix LC_TIME in fr_FR

[Bug localedata/10529] Patch with updates for locales/crh_UA: first day of week, spelling tweaks, etc.

[Bug localedata/10550] Ability to make use of 3rd-party gconv modules

[Bug localedata/10554] [PATCH] Wrong first_weekday/workday for et_EE locale

[Bug localedata/10797] it_IT locale numeric does not have a separator for thousends

[Bug localedata/10824] Locale file for Chuvash - cv_RU

[Bug localedata/10871] ru_RU: 'mon' array should contain both nominative and genitive cases

[Bug localedata/10872] Ru_RU month names are in incorrect form

[Bug localedata/10873] ru_RU: abbreviated weekdays are incorrect

[Bug localedata/10888] Error testing glibc 2.10.1

[Bug localedata/10935] Finnish yes/no option: add &#8220;o&#8221; for yes

[Bug localedata/10936] Paper Size is wrong for locale es_GT (A4 -> Letter)

[Bug localedata/10999] Wrong first_weekday and first_workday for de_CH

[Bug localedata/11660] New locale for Sindhi (Pakistan)

[Bug localedata/11837] GB18030-2005 is not supported!

[Bug localedata/12349] Incorrect thousands separator and first weekday for eu_ES locale

[Bug localedata/13605] Please add the new Shan (shn) locale

[Bug localedata/14094] Update locale data to Unicode 7.0.0

[Bug localedata/16973] Fix lang_lib/lang_term as per ISO 639-2

[Bug localedata/16975] Revisit yesstr/nostr LC_MESSAGES capitalization in all locales

[Bug localedata/17137] Directory traversal in locale environment handling (CVE-2014-0475)

[Bug localedata/17137] New: Directory traversal in locale environment handling (CVE-2014-0475)

[Bug localedata/17142] New: LANGUAGE environment variable processing and directory traversal

[Bug localedata/17187] New: Out-of-bounds NUL write in iconv_open

[Bug localedata/17187] Out-of-bounds NUL write in iconv_open

[Bug localedata/17192] Local file for Chechen language

[Bug localedata/17192] New: Local file for Chehcehn language

[Bug localedata/5599] Bulgarian locale (bg_BG) empty thousands_sep

[Bug localedata/5602] Wrong mon_decimal_point for pt_PT

[Bug localedata/5627] RFE shs_CA Locale Data

[Bug localedata/5777] AM/PM format for es_CR

[Bug localedata/5814] bad time format for Finnish fi_FI locale

[Bug localedata/5910] AM/PM format for es_ES and es_MX

[Bug localedata/5911] es_CR first weekday/workday fix

[Bug localedata/5912] lv_LV has incorrect spaces in abbreviated weekday names

[Bug localedata/5981] [mr_IN] collation order is not defined

[Bug localedata/6856] ks_IN locale is not available in glibc localedata

[Bug localedata/6857] sd_IN locale is not available in glibc localedata

[Bug localedata/6917] locale/ move preprocessing to Makefile

[Bug localedata/6918] Wrong d_fmt for fr_CH and it_CH

[Bug localedata/6920] Huge amount of malformed LC_ADDRESS/postal_fmt values

[Bug localedata/6968] Sinhala (si) collation order undefined

[Bug localedata/7014] Additional belarusian locale (be_BY at tarask) is required

[Bug localedata/7068] en_GB locale has wrong week specifier

[Bug localedata/9701] Slovakia joined the Euro zone

[Bug localedata/9704] Malta switched to Euro (One year ago)

[Bug localedata/9705] Cyprus switched to Euro (one year ago)

[Bug localedata/9724] Sweden changed sort order of sv_SE

[Bug localedata/9725] Swedish date format incorrect in sv_SE

[Bug localedata/9730] sv_FI time format does not match fi_FI

[Bug localedata/9731] Cyprus joined eurozone on Jan. 1, 2008

[Bug localedata/9732] dz_BT Dzongkha collation order

[Bug localedata/9736] wrong frac_digits in el_CY and el_GR

[Bug localedata/9791] while building localedata some locale gave "incomplete set of locale files"

[Bug localedata/9809] Please add Kurdish locale for Kurdish Sorani (CKB)

[Bug localedata/9833] wrong "noexpr" in ko_KR LC_MESSAGES data

[Bug localedata/9835] Wrong first_weekday and first_workday for en_GB

[Bug localedata/9842] Incorrect date format in en_CA.utf8 locale

[Bug localedata/9844] Wrong collation of ;: should sort after 'q', not 'k'

[Bug localedata/9859] New fr_FR locale month abbrevs abmon are not fixed length

[Bug localedata/9865] bulgarian dictionary sort

[Bug localedata/9867] no 12 hour clock or am/pm

[Bug localedata/9891] mt_MT: Fix spelling of "Awwissu" (August)

[Bug localedata/9912] russian-ukrainian weekday wrong

[Bug localedata/9916] New locale: nan_TW at latin

[Bug localedata/9917] Problem in the locale SA (Saudi Arabia)

[Bug localedata/9963] Additional LC_PAPER of Letter paper size territories

[Bug localedata/9985] Shan has incorrect UTF-8 values

[Bug localedata/9986] Myanmar (Burmese) locale

[Bug malloc/10345] malloc_printerr calls into malloc and then crashes again

[Bug malloc/14483] obstack uses int for allocation sizes

[Bug malloc/17195] excessive heap trimming in threaded programs even when disabled with mallopt

[Bug malloc/17195] New: excessive heap trimming in threaded programs

[Bug malloc/6958] calloc() may return non-cleared memory for applications using mlockall()

[Bug manual/10014] 'mescalina.gnu.orgâ

[Bug manual/10038] one web page per node documents navigator line incorrect in section 3.x.

[Bug manual/10140] Warnings when compiling the 3 argp examples given in the docs because of not including <stdlib.h>

[Bug manual/10153] no details for putenv and setenv return values

[Bug manual/10187] pthread_attr_setaffinity_np is undocumented in the libc manual

[Bug manual/10210] execle prototype has the env array in the wrong place.

[Bug manual/10215] Only the suffix of one line of an example is actually displayed.

[Bug manual/10220] Fix inverted memmove parameters in glibc manual example 'file_mbsrtowcs'

[Bug manual/10254] Description of 'fopen()' flags in manual/stdio.texi is incomplete

[Bug manual/10441] Backtraces code example lacks error checking

[Bug manual/10460] "iconv" corrupts all files over 17 KB from UTF8 to UTF16

[Bug manual/10672] qsort may not be a stable sort under memory exhaustion

[Bug manual/10891] xlocale support is undocumented

[Bug manual/10892] scanf 'I' I18N flag undocumented

[Bug manual/10987] Obsolete manual

[Bug manual/10996] Local socket documentation omissions

[Bug manual/17172] man pages for unimplemented functions provoke name clash

[Bug manual/17172] New: man pages for unimplemented functions provoke name clash

[Bug manual/17183] description of ENTRY struct in <search.h> in glibc manual is incorrect

[Bug manual/17183] New: description of ENTRY struct in <search.h> in glibc manual is incorrect

[Bug manual/17202] New: getaddrinfo and getnameinfo not documented in glibc manual

[Bug manual/5651] make clear that users of times() should use sysconf() and not CLOCKS_PER_SECOND

[Bug manual/5805] patch improving details in texinfo manual

[Bug manual/5993] Broken Link on page C.4

[Bug manual/6874] manpage for mistake

[Bug manual/6884] is not a good typo, please

[Bug manual/6885] unclear descriptions of __fwriting and __freading

[Bug manual/6886] some imperfections in description of mmap()

[Bug manual/6887] mmap documentation bugs, perhaps also 2 functional bugs

[Bug manual/6889] 'PWD' mentioned but not specified

[Bug manual/6890] DT_UNKNOWN happens on GNU

[Bug manual/6891] description of dirfd() doesnt mention returned fd is unusable

[Bug manual/6894] d_namlen doesn't exist

[Bug manual/6895] dirent d_type does indicate symlinks

[Bug manual/6907] [PATCH] strchr documentation concerning strchrnul

[Bug manual/6911] "GNU system" is ambiguous

[Bug manual/7100] hwcap-dependent library search paths are not documented

[Bug manual/9739] strnlen() docs make reference to an unknown 'n' variable

[Bug manual/9902] typo on page 672 of libc manual

[Bug math/10064] [arm] ARM fesetround doesn't work as expected with VFP present but unused

[Bug math/10089] rintf() in sysdeps/ieee754/flt-32/s_rintf.c makes wrong rounding of 2097152.75

[Bug math/10135] Incorrect result for scalblnl(x, MINLONG)

[Bug math/10163] [ia64] Errors math testsuite on ia64

[Bug math/10357] casinh(x) loses precision near x=0

[Bug math/10401] cproj(3) does a different projection than expected

[Bug math/10415] Compiler error when compiling test-tgmath2.c with gcc 4.5.0 (20090717) + fix

[Bug math/10709] sin() returns incorrect rounding

[Bug math/10716] various problems in cacosh and cacos

[Bug math/10817] coshl overflows prematurely

[Bug math/10846] libm pow() function does not report floating point underflow exception

[Bug math/10941] server not respond

[Bug math/16347] [ldbl-128ibm] ldbl-128/e_lgammal_r.c may not be suitable.

[Bug math/16399] [mips] lrint / llrint / lround / llround missing exceptions

[Bug math/17088] fallback fesetenv / feupdateenv should give errors for FE_NOMASK_ENV

[Bug math/17118] ctanh(INFINITY + 2 * I) returns incorrect value

[Bug math/17118] New: ctanh(INFINITY + 2 * I) returns incorrect value

[Bug math/2548] Incorrect return from float rint (0X1.000006P+21)

[Bug math/5547] lrint gives wrong result for ia64 and alpha -mieee

[Bug math/5680] math functions (atanh, log, log1p) are inconsistent in treatment of errno

[Bug math/5717] pow() function on 486sx returns incorrect results

[Bug math/5753] ieee754.h: wrong check __FLOAT_WORD_ORDER

[Bug math/5768] isnan() will throw SIGFPE with signalling NaN

[Bug math/5769] Slow sine function for special values on AMD64

[Bug math/5782] Slow sine function for special values on AMD64 - second attempt

[Bug math/5783] Slow sine function for special values on AMD64 - second attempt

[Bug math/5794] expm1l(x) overflows when 11356.1768 < x <= 11356.5234

[Bug math/5857] rint is broken on x86_64 systems for values from 262144.75 to 524286.75 stepped by 2

[Bug math/6804] scalb() does not set errno on domain error

[Bug math/6869] sin() and cos() return grossly wrong results when rounding is set to upward

[Bug math/9696] strtod() should not return EDOM

[Bug math/9772] __copysign redefinition

[Bug math/9783] fetestexcept(FE_INEXACT) does not return expected result when inexact trapping is disabled

[Bug network/10540] getaddrinfo() fails if /etc/hosts is missing, instead of falling through to nss_dns

[Bug network/10652] getaddrinfo causes segfault if multithreaded and linked statically

[Bug network/17125] New: posix/bug-ga2 fails

[Bug network/17125] posix/bug-ga2 fails when there is no ipv6 interface

[Bug network/17188] New: sunrpc: RPC timeout parameter is ignored when set with clnt_control on UNIX sockets

[Bug network/4353] interfaces going away crashes sudo with SIGABRT in ifaddr stuff

[Bug network/4671] gethostbyname() cant resolve names starting/ending with "-"

[Bug nis/10085] nss_compat cannot handle split groups in NIS for initgroups()

[Bug nis/10203] NIS setpwent/getpwent/endpwent memory leak

[Bug nis/10432] _nss_nis_setnetgrent assertion failure

[Bug nis/10713] NIS endgrent() memory leak

[Bug nis/5854] yp_order always returns order 0

[Bug nis/6953] Sun RPC implementation license non-free

[Bug nis/7058] All user apps doing host lookups crash with nis in hosts line

[Bug nptl/10069] __pthread_init_static_tls (nptl/allocatestack.c) writes out of bounds of dtv array

[Bug nptl/10090] Add the invalid sched_priority checking for pthread_attr_setschedparam

[Bug nptl/10180] Write locks shall take precedence over read locks by default

[Bug nptl/10184] setuid functions can stall pthread exit code

[Bug nptl/10262] 32-bit lowlevellock.S passing invalid combination of flags to __NR_futex syscall

[Bug nptl/10266] Small typo in nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/i386/i486/lowlevellock.S

[Bug nptl/10311] clone(CLONE_VM) fails with pthread_getattr_np on i386

[Bug nptl/10396] pthread_mutexattr_setprotocol() does not match posix standard

[Bug nptl/10418] pthread_mutex_unlock may use acquire rather than release barriers

[Bug nptl/10465] Robust futex cleanup issues (kernel).

[Bug nptl/10563] supplementary groups are not shared between (p)threads

[Bug nptl/10578] Hang using pthread_mutex_timedlock on i686

[Bug nptl/10686] Request for new TLS field for x86 and x86_64

[Bug nptl/10815] [timer_create / SIGEV_THREAD] signalmask of timer_sigev_thread dangerous

[Bug nptl/10828] New check added in pthread_attr_setschedparam() causes hard-to-explain behavior

[Bug nptl/10904] endless loop in pthread_mutex_timedlock()

[Bug nptl/10919] pthread_cancel segfault when used in shared library

[Bug nptl/11588] pthread condvars are not priority inheritance aware

[Bug nptl/12683] Race conditions in pthread cancellation

[Bug nptl/13347] Threaded setuid() can wrongly report success when failing to drop privileges

[Bug nptl/16657] Lock elision breaks pthread_mutex_destroy

[Bug nptl/17135] New: setxid wrapper changes cause process aborts

[Bug nptl/17135] setxid wrapper changes cause process aborts

[Bug nptl/17165] [alpha] Saved stack pointer is not mangled in unwind_stop jumpbuffer

[Bug nptl/17165] New: [alpha] Saved stack pointer is not mangled in unwind_stop jumpbuffer

[Bug nptl/17208] New: pthread_cond_wait may put mutex into incorrect state if mutex has elision disabled

[Bug nptl/17208] pthread_cond_wait may put mutex into incorrect state if mutex has elision disabled

[Bug nptl/3270] Setuid implementation has races and lockups

[Bug nptl/4979] pthread rwlock writer starvation - bad initializer, bad rdlock code

[Bug nptl/5171] Memory leak in nptl pthread_create() call

[Bug nptl/5550] pthread_cond_destroy() fails to release condition variable lock.

[Bug nptl/5551] pthread_cond_signal() doesn't return EINVAL for uninitialized cond per POSIX.

[Bug nptl/5626] pthread_cleanup_pop_restore_np isn't safe

[Bug nptl/5780] OpenMP program linked with static libraries gets a runtime memory fault

[Bug nptl/5784] [RFC] Support static linking with -lpthread.

[Bug nptl/5931] pthread_cleanup_push does not work with -fno-exceptions

[Bug nptl/5983] Stale threads from TD_TA_THR_ITER of the FORK child during PTRACE_SYSCALL

[Bug nptl/5987] nptl/tst-robust* hangs

[Bug nptl/5988] nptl/tst-robust* hangs

[Bug nptl/6955] PRIO_INHERIT mutexes do not use FUTEX_PRIVATE_FLAG

[Bug nptl/6973] NPTL wrongly includes guard area inside allocated stack

[Bug nptl/6976] allocated thread stack size can be less than requested stack size

[Bug nptl/7007] PTHREAD_EXPLICIT_SCHED not honored after 'attr' is initialized to defaults

[Bug nptl/7008] pthread_condattr_setclock will modify the attribute of condition to PTHREAD_PROCESS_PRIVATE

[Bug nptl/7013] Policies permitted by pthread_attr_setschedpolicy() inconsistent with pthread_setschedparam()

[Bug nptl/7056] pthread_cleanup_pop: suggest braces around empty body in 'do' statement

[Bug nptl/7057] pthread rwlock does not implement 'writer preferred' option

[Bug nptl/9691] pthread race condition causes tst-mutex8 to fail

[Bug nptl/9800] ARM - "TLS support is required"

[Bug nptl/9804] pthread_exit from main thread: poor semantics, potential tty session lockup.

[Bug nptl/9868] use of do; while(0) in pthread.h makes gcc barf

[Bug nscd/10101] nscd crashes periodically

[Bug nscd/10181] nscd discards entries even with unlimited reload count

[Bug nscd/10314] nscd fails to link when configuring with --disable-hidden-plt

[Bug nscd/10402] nscd locking severely broken

[Bug nscd/10532] nscd cache handlers: Mixed up dataset and dataset->resp offset/length in assert()s and response sending

[Bug nscd/10742] add timestamps to nscd logs

[Bug nscd/10915] nscd does not print reload-count in statistics output

[Bug nscd/4428] hosts caching does not respect TTL, and caches old IP's

[Bug nscd/5818] Poor nscd configuration leads to SIGFPE from many processes.

[Bug nscd/9746] nscd cache corruption by garbage collection, leading to segfault and/or stack overrun

[Bug nscd/9750] nscd gc() segmentation fault by estimation failure of alloca()'s stack usage

[Bug ports/10094] use of FPU_SETCW or FPU_GETCW causes illegal instruction on armel

[Bug ports/10158] fix for sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/alpha/getsysstats.c

[Bug ports/10160] fix for sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/alpha/nptl/lowlevellock.h

[Bug ports/10161] fix include paths for alpha

[Bug ports/10201] fails to link on alpha due to relocation errors

[Bug ports/10527] SOCK_NONBLOCK does not match the kernel value

[Bug ports/10528] SOCK_CLOEXEC and SOCK_NONBLOCK does not match the kernel value

[Bug ports/10800] glibc-2.10.1 build fails on alpha, getdents64.c include nested too deeply

[Bug ports/10920] Add libgcc_s.h

[Bug ports/10921] Provide libgcc_s.h

[Bug ports/5923] glibc HEAD compile failure on hppa with --enable-kernel=2.6.22 or higher

[Bug ports/5957] Fix pthread_join() on HPPA with kernel having private futex support

[Bug ports/6827] dl-procinfo support for alpha

[Bug ports/6896] glibc doesn't compile on alpha - patches included

[Bug ports/6999] Add PIE support to start.S

[Bug ports/7001] setjmp/longjmp do not save/restore correct FPU registers in N32 ABI mode

[Bug ports/9678] glibc cross compile for arm fails with undefined reference to __GI___sigsetjmp

[Bug ports/9717] Build error on hppa with linuxthreads: missing TYPE argument to __libc_tsd_define, __libc_tsd_{get;set}

[Bug regex/10290] using REG_ICASE can break ranges

[Bug regex/10844] failure matching regex with backreferences

[Bug regex/10845] a{1,32767} fails with REG_ESPACE

[Bug regex/17150] New: regex: don't deref NULL upon heap allocation failure

[Bug regex/17150] regex: don't deref NULL upon heap allocation failure

[Bug regex/5718] Uninitialised struct member in re_compile_internal causes crash in regfree

[Bug regex/9697] character does not match neither [a-z] nor [^a-z]

[Bug soft-fp/7006] Bad left shift in _FP_FRAC_SRS_2 macro in soft-fp/op-2.h on SH-4

[Bug soft-fp/9760] Problem in FP_UNION_D and FP_UNION_S when unsigned type is 16-bits

[Bug stdio/10196] tst-fgetwc is failing

[Bug stdio/5742] stdio poor file buffering in "w+b" mode

[Bug stdio/5994] fflush after ungetc on seekable input stream

[Bug stdio/6846] Full featured printf hooks

[Bug stdio/9754] fflush after ungetc not POSIX compliant

[Bug stdio/9914] possible signed integer overflow in libio/iogetdelim.c

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