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[Bug libc/12981] New: race in aio handle_fildes_io corrupts user memory

           Summary: race in aio handle_fildes_io corrupts user memory
           Product: glibc
           Version: 2.14
            Status: NEW
          Severity: critical
          Priority: P2
         Component: libc


    603           if (aiocbp->aiocb.__return_value == -1)
    604             aiocbp->aiocb.__error_code = errno;
    605           else
    606             aiocbp->aiocb.__error_code = 0;
    608           /* Send the signal to notify about finished processing of the
    609              request.  */
    610           __aio_notify (runp);

Once aiocb.__error_code is set, a user thread could be polling aio_error and
aio_return to process the completed io. aiocbp could be freed in this process.

However, __aio_notify dereferences and modifies this memory:

    129   if (__aio_notify_only (&aiocbp->aio_sigevent, req->caller_pid) != 0)
    130 #else
    131   if (__aio_notify_only (&aiocbp->aio_sigevent) != 0)
    132 #endif
    133     {
    134       /* XXX What shall we do if already an error is set by
    135          read/write/fsync?  */
    136       aiocbp->__error_code = errno;
    137       aiocbp->__return_value = -1;
    138     }

To fix this race, __aio_notify should be skipped if
aiocbp->aio_sigevent.sigev_notify is SIGEV_NONE.

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