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[Bug nscd/4428] hosts caching does not respect TTL, and caches old IP's

------- Additional Comments From madcoder at debian dot org  2007-04-28 10:08 -------
Given the number of pre-2001 software still around (time at which gethostby* 
calls were marked obsoletes) that indeed use gethostby* (and the number of 
more recent software using it too, even being obsolete) you are just knowingly 
breaking them.

Quite interesting indeed. Btw I tested this _BUG_ doing:
$ getent hosts
which after 3 seconds does not make a new request as it should (running nscd 
in debug mode shows it quite unambiguously).

Interestingly enough, getent (from the libc you know) does that:

$ ltrace getent hosts > /dev/null
__libc_start_main(0x402e40, 3, 0x7fffeead3c08, 0x403c40, 0x403c30 
<unfinished ...>
mtrace()                                         = <void>
setlocale(6, "")                                 
= "LC_CTYPE=fr_FR.utf8;LC_NUMERIC=f"...
textdomain("libc")                               = "libc"
argp_parse(0x5053e0, 3, 0x7fffeead3c08, 0, 0x7fffeead3af4) = 0
strcmp("hosts", "hosts")                         = 0
inet_pton(10, 0x7fffeead547b, 0x7fffeead3aa0, 0x5070c0, 0x5070d0) = 0
inet_pton(2, 0x7fffeead547b, 0x7fffeead3aa0, 0, 0x7fffeead3a40) = 0
gethostbyname2(0x7fffeead547b, 10, 0x7fffeead3aa0, 116, 0) = 0
gethostbyname2(0x7fffeead547b, 2, 1, 0, 0x2ae1c05b8790) = 0x2ae1bc33cfe0
inet_ntop(2, 0x5070f8, 0x7fffeead3a40, 46, 0)    = 0x7fffeead3a40
printf("%-15s %s", "", "") = 31
+++ exited (status 0) +++

So now I'm not surprised anymore I guess. You are breaking your own software.
IMHO, given how broken gethostby* are with the use of nscd, either hosts 
caching should be removed, or gethostby* generate a warning at link time so 
that people get to know that those are not supported at *all*.


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