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[Bug libc/4410] Memory leak in allocate_dtv in

------- Additional Comments From shw_mail at wp dot pl  2007-04-28 08:21 -------
Dear Urlich

(In reply to comment #1)
> That's no leak.  The memory is needed until the end. 

OK. I understand fact that memory is needed until the end. 
To explain little more. I wrote logger that allocates resources 
and have to destroy them after the last procedure use it event if it 
is "atexit" or "terminate".
And at the begining I had memory leaks, because logger were still
in memory, when the program exits. But there were solution, and now 
I have no leaks :-).

> Stop filing "bugs" about things you know nothing about.

Could you explain little that fact, please (shw_mail at wp dot pl). 
Just few words. For me better is when I can explain this "possibly leaks" 
in my program. Maybe you could just give a link for that subject.

Best regards.


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