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Re: Trailing Whitespace

Ben Longbons wrote:
> I have my editor set to trim all trailing whitespace, because
> trailing whitespace is never desirable.
> However, since other people have in times past committed code that
> *does* contain trailing whitespace, this creates noise when I'm
> trying to create a patch.
> Therefore, I suggest that someone create a commit that removes all
> the trailing whitespace. The pressing need is to apply this to gdb/
> but there is no reason it couldn't be applied to other parts if need
> be.
> A commit that does nothing besides change trailing whitespace is
> *not* harmful to the history, because git-blame and other tools can
> all ignore whitespace.
> Therefore, the only consideration is whether this will cause
> problems for people with changes that are not yet committed in the
> main repo.  The script at the end of this message demonstrates how
> to avoid problems with all 4 of the local branch strategies that I
> know about.

I see nobody replied to this, but it would be pretty nice to have the
repo cleaned in this way.

Does anybody have any reason not to do this?



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