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Re: How to write native (i.e. C/C++) plugin for gdb?

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Just found a year old discussion about Abhijit proposal.

So answering to upcoming question - why not a Python.

Python is very good staff if your speak about source level debugging.
If you have to debug optimized binary python doesn't help match for
two reason -

  1) you have to port all native data structure you plan to work with
 to python.

  2) python performance is not always acceptable and you not always
ever able to run a python.

To get a better picture of native plugins in action, please, take a
look at solaris mdb.

- -Dmitry

On 2013-12-25 19:32, Dmitry Samersoff wrote:
> Joel,
> Thank you for the response.
> I found this patch 
> - many 
> thanks to Abhijit.
> 1. What is the reason to keep it off main trunk? Is there a chance
> to have it changed?
> 2. What API is available from within a plugin? i.e. how I can
> access coredump memory?
> -Dmitry
> On 2013-12-24 18:47, Joel Brobecker wrote:
>>> I need to implement scenario like one below:
>>> (gdb) load-plugin (gdb) attach PID (gdb) jvm
>>> show loaded-classes (gdb) jvm show java-threads (gdb) jvm show 
>>> code-cache
>> Maybe you could add some routines in your program that are solely
>>  intended for debugging purposes, and then define commands that
>> call those routines. Off hand, that's the only way I can think
>> of. Otherwise, interface the C++ stuff you need from Python - if 
>> necessary, export some stuff to C?

- -- 
Dmitry Samersoff
Saint Petersburg, Russia,
* There will come soft rains  ...
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