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Re: Kernel debugging

On Saturday 21 December 2013 00:46:25 Nikos Balkanas wrote:
> Ty mike,

please don't top post in your replies

> I am aware of kdgb, but it doesn't have gdb's abilities. Besides I
> know extensibly gdb, and I can never find the Sysreq key on my
> keyboard :-(. I will try it next time, but for now I solved my problem
> by reading the kernel source code. I have noticed the remote_vis.c in
> gdb sources. Does this mean I can use gdb remotely to a virtual host?
> How can i do it? Furthermore have gdbstubs incorporated into gdb
> sources, or is it another abandoned project (since 2003 :-()?

are you confusing kdb and kgdb ?  kgdb is just a remote gdb stub.  you still 
need gdb running somewhere else to connect to it to do debugging.  which means 
you have full access to gdb's abilities.

note that QEMU also has a gdb stub in it.  so you could use one of its system 
binaries to boot a linux kernel and then connect your gdb client to it.

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