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Re: Fails to break in a XTerm started by another program

On 10/17/2013 10:40 AM, Teodor Petrov wrote:

I have one very bizarre problem with GDB (not GDB fault probably). The problem is that if I have a terminal started by Code::Blocks (wxWidgets based IDE) and I run GDB from this terminal, the debugger fails to break on breakpoints in a simple console c++ program.
The steps are as follows:
1. start Code::Blocks
2. start a terminal from inside it (Code::Blocks will start the terminal)
3. start GDB

The problem happens randomly, so if I repeat the 3 steps several times, most of the times
the debugger won't work and some of them - it will.

I've asked about this problem in the IRC channel and people there advised me to gather some
strace logs. I have the logs and they can be found here:
1. GDB works -
2. GDB fails -

By looking at them I cannot tell where the problem is.
Can someone suggest what else can I do to find the root cause for this problem?

I'm running Gentoo linux 64bit, kernel 3.10.5 (for quite a while), up-to-date unstable system.

Best regards,
Hi again,

Any chance for a hint where to look for the problem? It turned out that I'm not the only one which sees this problem. A user on the Code::Blocks' forum reported the same problem. He is running up to date Arch Linux system and old release of C::B. I suppose this is bug which happens on newer systems, because at work I'm running
CentOS 6 system and there the debugger works fine 100% of the time.

Best regards,

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