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Re: [GDB 7.6/GCC 4.8.0] Slowdown in GDB macro processing for cores?

On 05/16/2013 08:42 PM, Paul Smith wrote:
> Hi all.  Is anyone aware of an issue with a big slowdown running macros
> on core files?  I'm not sure if this is related to GCC 4.8 or GDB 7.6,
> or what, but I'm seeing a 4x or more slowdown when running macros on
> core files from previous releases.
> Running against a live process is the same speed as before.


If you haven't yet, it'd make sense to try process vs core at the
exact same spot:

$ gdb myprogram
(gdb) run
(gdb) mymacro
(gdb) gcore mycore
(gdb) quit

$ gdb myprogram -c mycore
(gdb) mymacro

> Against a core file it takes a second or longer per iteration of this
> loop!  FWIW, the class this macro operates on is very large and contains
> a lot of data per object.
> Any ideas?  Is there a handy way to tell where the slowdown is happening
> here?  

I'm really surprised.  If anything, I'd expect cores to be marginally faster.
I suggest git bisecting gdb looking.  Maybe you'll find the culprit
easily that way.

> Should we just drop back to DWARF2 or DWARF3 (I haven't checked
> if that will help tho)?

Ideally no, of course.  Let us know if that indeed helps.
Using DWARF < 4 should make it easier to git bisect the
culprit, as you can then start bisecting before the
patches that added support for DWARF4.

Pedro Alves

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