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RE: GDB 7.2 Support DWARF1

Thanks for these ideas.
I thought someone had already needed such a change, too bad!
I was tried to add DWARF1 to GDB7.2 but modifications of code are (elfread,
...) too deep.
Too, I was tried to add Python to GDB6.6 but such modification is too
Idea on converter DWARF1 => DWARF2 is interesting but no less difficult or


-----Message d'origine-----
De?: Tom Tromey [] 
Envoyé?: mardi 28 juin 2011 22:55
À?: Jerome Segur
Objet?: Re: GDB 7.2 Support DWARF1

>>>>> "Jerome" == Jerome Segur <> writes:

Jerome> To one project, I need GDB 7.x (API Python) and too support DWARF1.
Jerome> Indeed, to do a re compilation of this project is impossible
Jerome> (certification!) so I must use GDB supports DWARF1 (gdb <= 6.6)

Jerome> But there, I have to use API python to automatise all scripts. (gdb
Jerome> > 7.x).

Jerome> Is there such a patch? Have you got an idea to help me?

As far as I know, there is no such patch.

Two ideas come to mind.

One, forward-port the DWARF 1 code to GDB 7.x.  If it is done cleanly
and doesn't impact the DWARF 2+ code, we could put it in.

Two, write a DWARF 1 -> DWARF 4 (or 2 or 3) converter.  Then use this to
generate separate .debug files.  You don't have to modify your certified
binaries to do this.  You would generate these only for use when


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