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patches for mac support

Hi all,

I have worked on bug .
Now I think that I have reached to bottom of it, and I have a set of clean patches that could use a review.

Apple gdb simply ignores the eh_frame sections for the libraries without embedded dwarf info, not using eh information (which was the first patch that I submitted) but I find that one should be able to use them, so I looked further and found the "correct" fix.
As the path to it was a bit convoluted I have done a few improvements to pieces of code that did fail as consequence of the original bug.

The "main" fix is
which fixes the mmaped read of sections.

I feel that
which adds a check on the cie pointer is important and improves gdb robustness and should also go in.
adds the forgotten ignore of routine_64 load command, and should also go in
is something that I have seen apple does and seems reasonable, but I have not needed it, so I am not sure if it should go in

I have also noted that compiling gdb I have the following conflict in the grammar, not sure if you are aware of it

/bin/sh ../../gdb72/gdb/../ylwrap ../../gdb72/gdb/m2-exp.y m2-exp.c.tmp -- bison -y
conflicts: 34 shift/reduce
/Users/fawzi/dev/gdb/gdb72Build/gdb/../../gdb72/gdb/m2-exp.y:355.25-44: warning: rule never reduced because of conflicts: @2: /* empty */


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