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Question on ARM/Thumb-16 Disassembly

Hi All,

A couple of questions for ARM/Thumb-2. I'm working on a live iPhone,
so I'm using Apple's GAS.

I've got a function generated for Thumb-16 which performs a branch
(immediately after an ADD) based on Carry. For some reason, I'm
getting unexpected results after the ADD - the carry flag is always
high (ie, CY = 1 in CPSR), even when adding 0 + 0, 1 + 1, etc.

Under GDB, I perform a disassembly looking for something I might have
munged (or unexpected code generation and interactions). The first
thing I noticed is some instructions are 4 bytes despite being in
Thumb-16 mode (shown below). For example, the MOV at 0x00002334 is 4

(1) Has anyone encountered a situation where a status flag gets
pinned? The ARM Instruction Reference states the status flags are
updated in Thumb mode (except when one or more high registers are
specified as operands).

(2) Are 4 byte instructions expected when GCC generates Thumb-16 code?
The ARM Instruction Reference seems to state otherwise.


(gdb) disassemble
Dump of assembler code for function add_u32:
0x00002328 <add_u32+0>:	push	{r4, r5, r6, r7, lr}
0x0000232a <add_u32+2>:	add	r7, sp, #12
0x0000232c <add_u32+4>:	sub	sp, #20
0x0000232e <add_u32+6>:	str	r0, [sp, #8]
0x00002330 <add_u32+8>:	str	r1, [sp, #4]
0x00002332 <add_u32+10>:	str	r2, [sp, #0]
0x00002334 <add_u32+12>:	mov.w	r3, #1	; 0x1
0x00002338 <add_u32+16>:	str	r3, [sp, #16]
0x0000233a <add_u32+18>:	mov.w	r3, #0	; 0x0
0x0000233e <add_u32+22>:	str	r3, [sp, #12]
0x00002340 <add_u32+24>:	ldr	r4, [sp, #8]
0x00002342 <add_u32+26>:	ldr	r5, [sp, #4]
0x00002344 <add_u32+28>:	add	r5, r4
0x00002346 <add_u32+30>:	bcc.n	0x234e <add_u32+38>
0x00002348 <add_u32+32>:	mov.w	r6, #0	; 0x0
0x0000234c <add_u32+36>:	str	r6, [sp, #16]
0x0000234e <add_u32+38>:	str	r5, [sp, #12]
0x00002350 <add_u32+40>:	ldr	r3, [sp, #0]
0x00002352 <add_u32+42>:	cmp	r3, #0
0x00002354 <add_u32+44>:	beq.n	0x235c <add_u32+52>
0x00002356 <add_u32+46>:	ldr	r2, [sp, #12]
0x00002358 <add_u32+48>:	ldr	r3, [sp, #0]
0x0000235a <add_u32+50>:	str	r2, [r3, #0]
0x0000235c <add_u32+52>:	ldr	r3, [sp, #16]
0x0000235e <add_u32+54>:	mov	r0, r3
0x00002360 <add_u32+56>:	sub.w	sp, r7, #12	; 0xc
0x00002364 <add_u32+60>:	pop	{r4, r5, r6, r7, pc}
End of assembler dump.

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