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Re: ARI/Commit rules

On Wednesday 15 June 2011 16:37:02, Phil Muldoon wrote:
> Joel Brobecker <> writes:
> > I think it would be nice to be able to run this script by hand
> > from a checkout, and it shouldn't be too difficult, since it's
> > mostly an awk script.  And for those that use git, we could
> > produce a hook as well, I think.  We might have some issues
> > with volume (number of warnings due to the already-present
> > violations) though, or perhaps performance.  I don't know about
> > others, but since using git, I have been so spoiled that I expect
> > every operation to be instantaneous...
> It would be nice to fix those warnings eventually.  I believe a pre-commit
> hook would only operate on your diffs, though.  Anyway we cannot use
> that as the GIT repository is read only.  So to me, an ideal thing
> would be just to run it on my files that I have changed, or even better
> a patch I have generated.

You can download the script from the ARI page:

Here's a direct link: <>.

Something like `ls *.[hc] | xargs` should work.

I actually don't know how to get to the repository 
where the script is hosted, and where to get the script
that is invoking the  I'm guessing its home
is at the same place the webpages are, and perhaps the logic
of which files to run the ari script on are only in some
cron script somewhere?

> What do you think?
> Cheers
> Phil

Pedro Alves

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