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Re: ARI/Commit rules

> I was writing a patch today, and I once again arrived at the: "Should I
> use X or Y for this operation" dilemma.  There are a lot of unwritten
> rules about programming usage in GDB (See ARI mails), and sometimes
> maintainers don't catch them.  This is inevitable with a project this
> size and age.  I have come to fear the post-commit ARI warnings ;)

Yeah - the ARI is a useful tool (but, IMO, has to be taken with
a grain of salt), and it's a pity that the results always come after
the fact. Worse, from the WEB ARI results, I could see that some
files have warnings, but I couldn't find where exactly in the file
the warnings were.

I think it would be nice to be able to run this script by hand
from a checkout, and it shouldn't be too difficult, since it's
mostly an awk script.  And for those that use git, we could
produce a hook as well, I think.  We might have some issues
with volume (number of warnings due to the already-present
violations) though, or perhaps performance.  I don't know about
others, but since using git, I have been so spoiled that I expect
every operation to be instantaneous...


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