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Re: ReBranch - a record-replay debugging tool

Thank you for your advise. I have changed license, added a COPYING file
in the code, and added copyright header into every source files.
> On Thursday 09 June 2011 11:57:45, pi3orama wrote:
>> I used to think that MIT license is compatible with GPLv3. I have
>> changed the license. Sorry for the problem.
> Thanks!   It's compatible, but the GPL requires that the combination 
> is released under the same GNU GPL version.  See:
> <>
> Can you also please update your LICENSE file in the sources?  To comply
> with the GPL you need to include a copy of the GPL license -- you'll
> usually find it in a file named COPYING, e.g.,
> see src/gdb/COPYING -- you can simply import that file into
> your tree.
> Also, could you please do a general look over the sources and
> make sure not to lose the copyright header and license in files
> based on FSF/GPL's sources?  E.g, your src/host/exception.h and
> src/host/exception.c are obviously based on
> gdb's exceptions.h/exceptions.c.
> You seem to have a lot of good stuff here.  Looking forward to
> have you cooperating with the GDB project!

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