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Get new GDB for UBUNTU from launchpad PPA

Hello every GDB and UBUNTU user,

Maybe you still use old version GDB like 7.2 or early version, but it
have a lot of bugs and maybe miss some feature that you really want
but just included in new version.
Or maybe you are working on some different arch like ARM or MIPS, you
will need rebuild a GDB for this arch.

I begin to publish new version GDB (7.3 and 7.3.5) for UBUNTU 10.04,
10.10, 11.04, 11.10 (Still working on 8.04) in launchpad PPA.
These GDB is:
1.  GDB maintainer are working on them everyday.  You can get the new
feature and bug fix early.
2.  All of them are built by "--enable-targets=all
--enable-64-bit-bfd".  So all of them support all arch that GDB
support.  You can debug the local program or debug the remote program
of other arch inside it.
3.  The package is named "gdb-7.3" and "gdb-trunk", and the GDB that
installed to the system is named "gdb-7.3" and "gdb-7.3.5".  So it
will not affect the GDB that you install in before.  You can use the
old one directly if you got some trouble with the new one.

Please goto following URL to get them:


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